Twitter User Sparks Controversy With His Judgement On What Rape Is

A Nigerian man who identifies himself as @petmaria20 on Twitter has sparked controversy after defining rape on his on terms and faulting the judgment of rape from the point of view of the victim.

The twitter user, @petmaria20’s stance is informed by what he calls leading a man on by allowing him to spend so much on you, following him to his house afterwards only to deny him sex.

If the circumstances for a rape plays out as above, the young man who prides himself as a trained feminist says it is not rape in that instance even if the man forces himself on the woman.

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He has since received a lot of backlash for his twisted argument. Read what he wrote below:

I am a feminist, a trained one at that Feminism is about gender balancing RAPE is a crime that deserves capital punishment

But it is wrong to lead a guy on, allow him to spend so much on you, follow him to his house and deny him sex.

If he forces you, I don’t see it as rape.

As long as we keep seeing rape from the angle of the victim We will never judge justly.

See some of the responses to his tweet below:

The fact that you believe this and there are people that agree with you indicates a very big problem.


You’re a ‘trained feminist’? When you end up in prison now, you’ll say the world is against you


It is obvious you have been doing this and have found the time to defend your action.


See thread of his original post below:

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