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Dear MIMsters: Should I Take My Boyfriend Back After All These?

Should I take my boyfriend back after all these?

I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for three years but all this time, he has lied to me countless times. He has been working in Dubai but every time he comes back he doesn’t let me know straight away. He tells me he’s back after staying in the country for three weeks. I complain and he tells me it is because he is respecting me as I’m a busy woman.

When we eventually meet, I have to then pay for the room we used and also give him transport money back to his village. I did all this because he said he was broke and would always insists that my money is his money and vise versa.

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On February this year, he told me he had received a work appointment to go and work in Mogadishu and asked me to raise some money for him to get his passport which he claims was stolen by armed robbers. (A claim I do not believe, by the way). Well, I refused but after then, I realised I was pregnant. I told him and he seemed happy about it but his thirst for money from me increased all in the name of looking for a job.

I was frustrated as I was no longer working and his calls increased asking for money for all sorts, from food to transport to housing.

In March, I got a call from a girl telling me to leave her husband alone. I asked him about her but he denied knowing her. I got stressed and frustrated and unfortunately I had a miscarriage. I told him I was admitted in the hospital but he didn’t take me seriously. My mum called him when the situation was worse and all he said was that there was nothing he could do. We were disappointed, but we covered all the hospital bills.

This man refused to pick my calls for two days until I decided to use another number, then he picked. I was pissed off, that’s why I called him. I ranted and all he told me was that he was sorry. We didn’t talk to each other again after that.

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He has just called me this week to tell me that he is planning to introduce me to his family. I have asked him what he wants and he told me he wants money to pay for his air ticket. I have stopped picking his calls but my phone has been ringing. When I blocked him, he started using different numbers to call me. What should I do? Should I take him back?

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