Fashion Blogger, Laura Ikeji Raises Awareness On Mental Health Among Celebrities

Fashion blogger and businesswoman, Laura Ikeji, is raising awareness on mental health issues among celebrities. In a series of tweets she posted on Thursday, the mom-of-one noted that celebrities too go through depression as they also have problems like others.

31-year-old Laura, who is married to ex-Super Eagles player, Kanu Nwakwo‘s brother added that though celebrities post happy videos and photos, fancy cars, beautiful clothes, made up faces, and holidays pictures, there life is not perfect and some of them wished they had ‘your peace of mind’.

She went further to counsel her fans and followers not to allow what celebrities brandished on social media to lead them into depression. While noting that mental health is real, she urged anyone who is depressed to seek help.

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Laura wrote:

”We post fancy cars, beautiful clothes, made up faces, holidays pictures and happy videos, don’t let that depress you, ???????????? some of us low key wished we had your peace of mind.

Don’t look at what we post and think all is well, don’t compare our lives to yours, yours may actually be better. #weonlyshowyouwhatwewantyoutosee.

Mental health is real, help if you can, not mock. We all have problems, we all are going through stuff, some are in dark places, some of us are depressed. Our lives are not perfect, we only show you what we want you to see. We’re all fighting a battle.”

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