TTC? See How This Sticker Is Helping Normalize Infertility

The sticker above is the obsessive life of women who are desperately trying to conceive. Almost every struggling-to-conceive woman take more than one pregnancy test every month whilst trying to get pregnant.

Trying for a baby to no avail comes with lots of anxiety which often leaves waiting moms exhausted, emotionally drained and overwhelmed.

That’s why this mother-of-four Amber Dalton, a graphic designer at Mom After God’s Own Heart created this sticker to tear down the barriers associated with infertility.

It reads: “This stick does not define your worth,” and we are so here for this positive affirmation.

In a recent Facebook post, Dalton wrote:

“I consider myself a fairly fertile person. God has blessed me with four beautiful children (and one beat me to heaven). However, I would be lying if I said there were not months when that one line on that stick did a number to me.

That night before you go to bed, you’re like, ‘Okay, I’m going to wake up in the morning, and the first thing I’m going to do is pee on this stick. Either I’m going to be so elated or I’m going to be so depressed.

So if you find yourself tonight anxiously awaiting the morning so you can pee on one of these sticks or maybe you already did multiple times today and continued to get the same result, know this: That stick does not define your worth.”

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Dalton’s words sparked a movement with mothers trying to conceive. These little reminders are a way for women to join together and remind women who are struggling to conceive of their worth, not their options

When Dalton’s photo of this sticker began circulating around social media, many women, including one of her acquaintances who had been trying to conceive for six years, reached out about the relatability of her words.

With over 31,000 shares, it’s fair to say that Dalton’s long-time acquaintance wasn’t the only one who was touched and needed to hear this message.

One commenter stated:

People need to remember that not everyone can have children. My husband and I tried for ten years and it became very expensive and very exhausting.

This [is] a good reminder for everyone to remember that just because you don’t have children doesn’t mean you don’t have a family to care for or you’re not a complete woman.

Marcia Fiorentino wrote:

Adoption is an option. Me with my beautiful son. Adopted from South America in 1996 under a year old. Graduated college and doing so well in 2019. God gave him to me.

If I had gotten pregnant right away I would not have adopted. And did I mention we had 2 biological sons after we adopted him. God is good. Hang in there. Fertility treatments were the worst three years of my life until we adopted. Xoxoxo.

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Another Ceci Zacarias wrote:

All just say that dealing with endometriosis has been hard, it has broken me more then once and I have decided. My fertility or lack of is the least of my worries! There are so many babies and children out there seeking, needing all this love that I can give!

Why, why put myself through any more agony. Today I decide that I don’t care if all ever be pregnant bcz I know all be a great mom to an amazing kid out there that needs all the love I can give, when the time is right!

Lisa Herrmann commented:

I love this, I suffer from PCOS and Endometriosis and there has been several times over the years that people have told me everything from “oh you don’t mind doing this or that since you don’t have kids to oh do you don’t have a family “.

People need to remember that not everyone can have children. My husband and I tried for ten years and it became very expensive and very exhausting. People always ask me why we didn’t adopt but adoption can be very expensive as well. After the thousands we spent trying to get pregnant we didn’t have any funds to look into adoption.

This a good reminder for everyone to remember that just because you don’t have children doesn’t mean that you don’t have a family to care for or your not a complete woman. Praying for those who are going through infertility and hoping for positive results.

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Jessica Young Noriega 

Please do not give up hope ladies. I have lived with PCOS for years and lost 2 babies throughout the years. I stopped trying and gave into the thought of never being a mother and was finally learning how to live with that. I was dying on the inside but carried a fake smile on the outside.

Last year, I found out I was pregnant again but couldn’t get happy about it because of my miscarriages. I found out at 16 weeks that it was a boy and gave birth 6 weeks early on the 30th of March. My son is almost a month old and is healthy. I have to pinch myself daily to believe it’s real but i never gave up or lost hope.

Brittney Pugh

My mom wanted a second child for so many years. she always talked about how much she struggled but i never realized how much until my best friend had infertility issues and witnessing that just broke my heart.

My mom was told it would literally be impossible. but when she was 40, she found out she was going to be a mother again! It’s such a yearn for something you can’t seem to have and witnessing it made me so upset.

keep trying, ladies ????.

Eva Charles added:

Will this sticker work on car windows? I would love to let ladies know they have my support without even having to speak to me.

Laura Dyer Hamby 

I quickly got pregnant with my son. We went one night without BC and next thing I knew I was pregnant. When we decided to try for a second child we tried for a long time and found out Josh was a miracle. Shortly after that we found out he had a terminal disease.

Twenty years later he entered Heaven. On the bright side his main caregiver that came to our home became a daughter to me and her daughter became my granddaughter.

Many of Josh’s friends became my children as well. Some closer than others. Families are who loves us more than biology. Praying for each of you who are struggling to get pregnant.

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