Nigerian Publisher, Betty Irabor Wades In On The Issue Of Increasing Suicide Rates

Nigerian columnist and publisher of the Genevieve Magazine, Betty Irabor, has in a couple of tweets penned down her thoughts concerning the growing rate of suicide in Nigeria. The 62-year-old who has many times shared that she suffered chronic depression admitted in her new Twitter post that she had once attempted suicide herself.

The mum-of-three was in part reacting to the recent news of a young pastor who took his own life a little over  a week ago, despite appearing energetic and actively participating in church activities.

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A lot of Nigerians have condemned the increasing suicide rates and have belittled those who took their lives. Betty says if you have not walked in a person’s shoes, you have no idea what their pain feels like.

See what she wrote below:

SUICIDE!!! Don’t label or judge what you do not understand.

If you haven’t walked in a man’s or woman’s shoes you cannot make assumptions about what they do or why they do it.

At the time I attempted suicide , I was sick and in pain.

There was a volcano somewhere inside of me that needed to erupt and suicide seemed like an option to avoid the eruption.

Don’t trivialize anyone’s pain just because it’s not physical and you cannot see it.

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See Twitter thread below:

Irabor is also the founder of a foundation that promotes breast cancer awareness, early detection and treatment.

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