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‘How my attitude in my singlehood reflected in my marriage’ -Youtuber, Anwinli Ojeikere Narrates As She Dishes Marital Tips To Singles

An apology can go a long way in helping a couple make up after a fight. If you’re in a relationship with someone who isn’t willing, ready or able to apologize, it can be very difficult to reconnect following the argument – and this can lead to resentment, upset and anger.

A married woman, Anwinli Ojeikere (Mrs Winlo) of The Winlos comedy has taken to social media to reflect on her attitude before and after marriage.

The married mom, who is a relationship counsellor disclosed that she found it very hard to apologize to people before and after she got married.

In a post she shared on her Facebook page, Ojeikere who has been married for quite some years now stated that while she was still single, she thought it would be easier to apologize and submit to her husband after she got married, only for this attitude to remain even in her husband’s house.

However, she was able to change this attitude through prayers and working on it. She also used the opportunity to counsel single women to start working on their flaws before marriage because marriage is the union of two personalities, noting that the exchange of vows don’t change the person.

Below is her interesting post…

”Before I got married, I found it hard apologising and I was very head strong. It had to be my way or no other. I will display this kind of attitude to my friends and family.

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I felt when I get married, it would be easier to apologise and submit easily to my husband after all a wife is meant to submit to her husband not friends or some random guy.

I got married and saw this very attitude in my singlehood reflect in my marriage. My husband will say it’s this way and I will say it has to be my way without thinking or hearing him out.

He would say, Anwinli there are no two men in this house(Lol). Saying sorry was a hard one even to my husband. Thank God I have changed????????. What am I even trying to say????.

If you don’t start working on your attitude, you will reflect such attitude even in marriage because marriage is the union of two personalities. The exchange of vows don’t change the person. It is the person that decides the willingness for a change.

It is important you do a review of your personality while you wait on God for a spouse. Don’t be deceived with statements like: He/she will love me for who I am. Yes!!! While they get married to you for who you are, staying married requires a character development because getting married and staying successfully married are two different level.

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***Whatever is that bad character you currently display, you can ask God to break you and make you a better person.

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