Weeks After Her Husband’s Heart Attack, Spanish Presenter & Mum-Of-Two, Sara Carbonero Reveals A Major Health Scare

Spanish television presenter and wife of Spain and Real Madrid legend Iker Casillas, Sara Carbonero has revealed she is fighting ovarian cancer, but with a winning attitude. The Spanish presenter who is only 35-year-old, made the shocking announcement via her Instagram page on Tuesday.

Only a few days earlier, her husband suffered a heart attack  while training with his club, Porto. He was rushed to hospital where he was brought into a stable condition and has since been discharged.

In an emotional post, the mother of two, wrote:

‘When we hadn’t yet recovered from one shock, life has surprised us again.

This time it’s me, that six-letter word I still struggle to write.

A few days ago during a check-up, doctors described a malignant ovarian tumour and I have been operated on.

Everything has turned out okay and fortunately we caught it in time but I’ve still got some months left fighting while I have the corresponding treatment.

I’m calm and confident everything is going to be okay. I know the road will be tough but will also have a happy ending.

I have the support of my family and friend and a great medical team.’

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The TV sports journalist added:

‘I take advantage of this moment to ask that my journalist colleagues to show the respect and understanding they have always shown me, especially in these difficult and delicate times for me and my family.’ 

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