Twitter User, Mena Suvari Recounts Her Disappointment To Her Mom’s Reaction After Reading About Her Depression In Diary

A Twitter user has sparked quite a conversation on parenting after she took to the platform to share her experience growing up with her abusive mother. As a young child then, Mena Suvari documented the abuse in her diary.

Unfortunately for her, her mom, who is now late stumbled on it and read about her depressed and angry thoughts about being abused.

While most mothers would feel bad and try to make things right with the child, Suvari’s mother instead grounded her as punishment for what she wrote.

Below is her twitter thread…

“My mom once found my diary, read my depressed/angry thoughts about her abusing me, then grounded me for what I wrote. So, I have very strong opinions about children’s entitlement to privacy and personal space.

I didn’t expect this to blow up but my heart goes out to everyone with a similar experience. I also would like to tell everyone who has DMed me telling me how to forgive my mom to stop. She’s dead.”

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Her tweet sparked major reactions from people, most of whom used the opportunity to share heartbreaking experiences of their own.

MelSawEndgame @Mel_is_Me98 commented:

I feel you. My mother read that I didn’t feel like I belonged, I felt adopted and that god must not love me for giving me such horrible parents. I had to tear the pages and SWALLOW them while she beat me and screamed like a lunatic. She, of course, made it all about her.

L A U R E N @OlympiaArielfan

When my foster mum found my suicide note she got angry at me for saying things like I didn’t feel like I was a part of the family etc and about abuse going on she screamed at me because the letter made her look like a ‘bad mother’.

???????????????????? ???????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? @mattersofdedrea

My mom read mine while I was asleep one day, seized my phone, yelled at me, then called church people over to read it and “discipline” me. It was a whole mess.

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Mama ranch @rachettta

I see the relationship that my boyfriend has a his mom where he can tell her anything and everything and I wish I could have that w my mom. I tell her things but the really personal things I can’t find myself to tell her out of fear of her telling my entire family & being judged.

Venus De Mess never @Sangewya

My father found my diary and saw details about some of the people I dated and then for a week all he ever did when he saw me was thrash me without ever telling me why. Then I finally threatened to call the police on the man and told my mother I seriously will do it. It stopped.

Self proclaimed mean girl @madislaton

My mom never read my diary, checked my texts, or went behind my back to find out what I was doing. she always made sure that I knew that I could come to her with anything. because of that, I have gone to my mom with every single thing: good, bad, & monumental. it works, people.

たち @tachipaws

This is how my mom was, my dad and stepmom were the total opposite and did a lot of damage she worked for years to fix. My mom’s whole thing as a parent was that she wanted us to feel safe and comfortable coming to her for anything, and she would help if we needed or wanted. Its-

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