Rapper, Bow Wow Tells Us Why He Is Afraid To Confront Marriage In New Post

American rapper, Shad Gregory Moss better known by his stage name ‘Bow wow’ has admitted he is afraid to tackle adult responsibilities like marriage and family in a new Instagram post despite being 32 years old. In what appears to be a little soul searching, the rapper who was engaged twice revealed why he is nervous about taking the grown man roles where relationships are concerned.

He dated songstress and mum-of-two, Ciara, when she was still single and was engaged to Love & Hip-Hop star Erica Mena in 2014, but the duo broke up shortly after.

On Wednesday, the rapper shared the cryptic message below on social media:

“I have some maturing to do! What am I afraid of? I’m 32 but afraid to tackle on adult things like marriage a family. ITS HARD.


IS IT BECAUSE I’VE SEEN A LOT..or am i really nervous about taking on the grown man role

and simply acting my age and growing the f*** UP!”

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Last year, he reflected on his relationships when he appeared on WeTV’s Growing Up Hip Hop. He was giving advice to Jermaine Dupri’s daughter:

“You want commitment, most women want that. Those are things that I’ve tried in my life, I’ve tried twice. I was engaged to Ciara and I was engaged to Erica.

You know I let things in the past that I know was wrong affect my engagement. That’s what was eating me alive. Other than that, me and Erica would still be together.

We would have never broken up. I didn’t know how to handle it. And I let it crumble. I let something get away that really shouldn’t even got away.”

See screenshot below: