Hausa Man, Abdulrahman Endears Himself To Twitter Users With His Birthday Post To Wife

A  Muslim man from northern Nigeria has been praised as an exceptional Arewa man for unreservedly expressing his love for his wife as well as showing deep appreciation for how much he has grown in their young marriage. Abdulrahman took to his Twitter handle @Abdulrahmanleme to wish his wife a happy birthday when he shared those thoughtful words and endeared himself to other app users.

In his post, he spoke glowingly about his wife with whom he shares a son, calling her queen and saying he has his knees bent for her.

Read his words below:

“Today I celebrate the woman who took me as a boy from my mother and made me a man.

The mother of my child and yet the best decision I’ve taken as an adult.

Happy Birthday to my Hajiya. I bend the knee my queen…yesterday, today and the day after forever!”

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A few people thought he was being a sissy by saying his wife made him a man and that he was overreaching with the praises, but he had the following to say to them:

“There nothing like “over doing the thing” when it comes celebrating your loved ones….especially for once in a year events.

Over do and do do do! let those who have a problem with it climb mount Kufena and break a neck!”

See his original tweet below:

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