Nigerian Men Share Hilarious Experiences With Their Pregnant Wives’ Food Cravings

One of the most interesting parts of pregnancy are the cravings that come along with it. Having a supportive partner that period is one of the best things that can happen to any expectant mum. Food cravings are a real phenomenon that affect many women during pregnancy.

For everyone else on the side watching, a pregnant woman’s cravings can be really hilarious, sometimes ridiculous and outright frustrating at other times. Some Nigerian dads shared their experiences with their pregnant wives’ cravings and it is quite hilarious.

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Twitter user, @david_zeelux alluding to the heightened sense of smell in pregnant women started a thread, writing:

Two months pregnant, then you’ll hear some saying “switch off the TV it’s smelling”. My brother some women are dramatic.

One of the dads, @lapexz said his wife wanted him to change the spoon she was eating with because it smelled like spit. He wrote:

“My wife asked me to change the spoon she was using because it was smelling of spit. I weak, like. No be you dey use am chop? New soup everyday. I stopped using cologne. Hv to always cook whatever the network brings, to her specification ni o. Rice with fresh pepper and red oil.”

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See other hilarious responses below:

“I wanna sleep alone in the bed”…. that’s what she told me


I know someone who always crave for d smell of mint on fresh notes. The husband legit goes looking for fresh notes every now and then. P. S. She doesn’t want the same one if yesterday.


Wifey: Dear please get me cold bottled water.

Me: We have cold water in the fridge. Let me give you that instead.

Wifey: It must be bottled water.

Me: ??


Some can even complain you are breathing too much


See screenshot below:



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