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Veteran Actress, Tola Oladokun Explains In New Interview How She Walked The Fine Line Between Her Marriage And Career Succesfully

Veteran actress, Tola Oladokun, popular for her motherly and emotional roles in the Yoruba movies genre in an interview with national tabloid PUNCH’s Saturday Beats, disclosed that her husband disliked to see her playing romantic scenes and at some point asked her to choose between her acting career and their marriage.

“When I started building my career in the movie industry; even though, my husband didn’t want me to take many scenes, my boss always insisted that I should.

But when it got to a point, some people began to spread rumours about me. They told my husband that actors always sleep with each other on set.

Due to these speculations, he gave me very stri on set.

At some point, he said I had to choose between my career and my home.

She went on to say, she chose her home above her acting career but continued to act in a few films and that was possible only because she strictly adhered to all of her husband’s terms regarding her acting.

I chose my home for peace to reign but I still acted in a few films only because I abided by all the rules he set for the sake of peace,”

she said.

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The actress noted that when the rumour mongers would not stop spreading false news about her to her husband, he told her to quit acting.

“Subsequently, when the negative gossips about me increased he said I shouldn’t act again but I asked our family members to help me beg him.

My husband dotes on me a lot and he tells everyone who cares to listen that he loves me very much.

Some people have this notion that actors don’t have lasting marriages but despite the issues I had in my marriage, I endured.

I am a very decent woman; I don’t even keep too many friends because of my husband’s rules.

I don’t feature in romantic movies because anytime my husband sees me in a bedroom scene, he is always angry.

There was a time I acted as a wife in a movie, and he complained about how I walked in front of an actor; he wasn’t happy about it.

They hardly cast me for such roles and even if they do, the man will not touch me on the bed at all,”

she said.

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Oladokun also mentioned the reason why some entertainers don’t have a good home, saying,

“The reason why some actresses don’t have stable homes is because as entertainers, there is every tendency for people to say negative things about us to our spouses due to the nature of the job.

%3ure of the job.

Some women don’t know how to endure when there are such accusations; they allow the issue to get the better part of them and then end up misbehaving.”




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