South African Man, Bonisile Hanibun Explains Why Men Must Dump The Women Who Helped Them Become Successful

A South African man Bonisile Hanibun Mgidi is trending after he told women to expect their men to leave them after they’ve  helped them become successful and he gave reasons why this should be expected.

The Facebook user said a woman who helps build a man is like a scaffolding. Once the building is completed, the scaffolding is no longer needed, so the man can discard the woman at this point and go for the type he’s always wanted. He said any woman who has a problem with being left by a man who she helped build is suffering an entitlement mentality.

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Read his full post below:

Some of you say you want to build your men but it’s obvious you don’t understand construction.

When a building is being put up it needs scaffolding and support structures but once it is up and solid does the scaffolding remain? No.

So why do you guys wanna build us and support us so we can be rich and then when we make money and want you to leave so we can be with the women we’ve always wanted you throw tantrums?

Do you see builders living in the places they have built?

Entitlement is shocking with you women.

Imagine how the most beautiful buildings in the world would look like if they still had construction crews, cranes and trucks hanging around.

They would look terrible, right?

See screenshot below:

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