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Wife of Kannywood Actor, Sani Danja Speaks On Her Marriage And What Other Women May Be Getting Wrong In Theirs

Mansurah Isah, a former Kannywood actress and mum-of-four while speaking in an interview with Daily Trust, identified wives checking their husbands phones as a major reason why marriages fail. Mansurah who quit entertainment media as an actress is the wife of popular Hausa singer and actor, Sani Danja.

In the interview, Mansurah admitted that sometimes she has had to play “blind, deaf and dumb” so that her marriage to her celebrity husband can stand the test of time.

When asked about the staying power of her 11 year-old marriage, Mansurah named patience, understanding and not checking her husband’s phones ever.

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Read excerpts below:

The nickname people call my husband is mai buhu buhu loosely translated as somebody that has plenty women. Being married to Sani Danja is not a day’s job and it is not easy at all.

Sometimes, I have to be blind, deaf and dumb to survive in this marriage.
He is a star, and apart from that he is handsome and rich. These are the qualities a lot of women want in a man. A lot of girls beg to date him.

I was able to build a lot of patience to understand the kind of man I married. I married a celebrity because I was also a celebrity and sometimes fans can make crazy remarks of you.

What do you expect from a man whose religion permits to marry four wives? One of the key things that make our marriage stand is that I have never in my life gone through his phones.

You know, the act of women checking their husband’s phones is one of the main reasons why marriages collapse. When a woman checks her husband’s phone and sees something she’s not supposed to see, it will really affect her, and by extension the marriage.

But when you stay away from your husband’s phone, his laptop and some personal stuff, you will have a very peaceful marriage. I think those are the kind of things that has made our marriage last.

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In another part of the interview, she praised her husband as a supportive man who understands that she needs to work and do her own things, that quality of his, she acknowledges also grants him some freedom and it is one of the many things that make their marriage exceptional according to her.

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