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Dear MIMsters Inspiring Series: How My Life Went From Zero To Mellow

I want to share my story of how my life went from zero to mellow for two reasons. One is to inspire someone and not to deprive them of my testimony and two, because this is my promise and covenant to God.
Thank you Motherhood In-style-magazine for this platform. My story is a bit lengthy as I would like to spill it out in detail.

I am the last born from a family of six. I lost my dad while in secondary school and his brother’s wife helped me through. After his death, I returned from his relative’s place where I was. My mum is alive but only cares about herself and what she would wear.

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So when I returned, I borrowed money to write JAMB but I didn’t pass the first time. I wasn’t prepared, I just didn’t want that year to pass me by. I tried again the following year and I passed awesomely. I got admission immediately into a polytechnic.
I managed to source for funds and got help from a particular family who aided me with half of the school fees and some of their children’s items which they used while in school. That was how I started school like a joke and I kept living each day one step at a time.

I got a little job selling movies and was paid 7k, later the business took a dive and we paid commission based on sales. I then started to sell packaged chin chin at the shop. I attended evening class, so after work in the morning, I would rush to the market to get things for my snacks and God been so kind, I sold and used the profit for textbook.

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While at the hostel, there were days I went hungry but no one would know. Sometimes, I’m still awake slicing chin chin to fry at 1am. I sold egg roll, buns, gala to my coursemate. I made hair, baked cake once in a while. While my colleagues at school would write a list of their needs and send to their parents, I would write my own list and put it in my bible and cry to God.
You could laugh looking at my list because it contained even my most basic needs such as panties and toiletries. The funny thing is, in one way or the other, God provided them. I even told God of my relationship issues and exactly what I wanted though I made a few mistakes along the way but everything became perfect. I asked God for his intervention in my relationship and told him I wanted to get married at a particular date. How I wanted it and asked for financial help and in that exact year, I travelled for my traditional wedding. This came as a shock to many. In no time, we had our white wedding.

I am the first to get married in my family legally, first to go to a higher institution. My family almost made it impossible as people who never knew I existed started making demands up and down and since I was the last born, I had to fulfill them to some extent. It got to a point where my uncle told his wife that he is sure this wedding plan will flop but once again God proved himself because I can confidently tell you that I cried and prayed so much.

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Now the man whom even my mother didn’t want because according to her doesn’t have money is the one she is living off. I did all sort of sales just to finish school. I sold bread at a park, sold moimoi etc. Now just within the space of one year, I am now:
1. a graduate with a strong upper credit result.
2. about to go for service.
3. happily married.
4. a mother of a beautiful baby girl whom from the day of conception till delivery there was no stress at all.
5. in my own personal home now.
Who would have believed that I will turn out this way? I give God the glory and encourage whoever is struggling to know that if you hold God strong and make Him know that you are totally dependant on Him, He will definitely give you a beautiful end.

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