Dear Mimsters: How Do I Handle Pastor’s Wife Who Wants Me?

How do I handle my Pastor’s wife who wants me? I’m a 36 year old man living alone. I have a girlfriend who I love so much and we’re planning to get married at the shortest possible time.
l work with a financial institution and was recently transferred to a different region to head my department. As a believer and a strong Christian, I identified my church and started fellow-shipping with them every week. As a stranger, and someone new in the region, I thought the best place to start my friendship was the church. Hence, I started associating myself with my church congregation. This will not make me bored and lonely since I’m new.
I got to know my head Pastor’s wife on one of our youth programs. Due to my commitment in church, I was chosen to be the youth leader. I’m always at the church throughout the week after work and she will always wants to send me home after church’s program. She told me that she loves and wants me to be sleeping with her.
Even when she’s travelling and I have no roll to play in that trip, she will find a roll for me to play in that trip to enable me be part of that journey.
I have started giving excuses as to why I don’t attend church programs as I used to just to avoid her. I’m surprised about my Pastor’s wife’s behavior because the church’s doctrine is against it. She’s married with three kids.
My first thought was to return to where I came from just to have my peace of mind to work as this situation is taking a toll on my job. However, my company turned down my transfer request. Second option is to fellowship with other branches which the nearest is 75 km from the regional capital.
However, if I don’t do something, she’ll continue to perpetuate this act on innocent guys. Only God knows how many guys have fallen prey to her antics. Please what should I do?

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