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US-Based Popular Actress, Ashabi Olorisha Does The Unimaginable Owing To Years Of Marital Woes | WATCH

Have you ever heard of someone alive who is celebrating his/her own funeral? This is the case of a popular and highly respected actress, Aderonke Ajenise Oduboria aka Ashabi Olorisha.

She is an actress who is based in the U.S, and she has touched the lives of many positively, helping women with problems through her NGO. She is so loved and respected by lots of people, as she always seeks a solution to people’s problems before her own. She serves as an inspiration to lots of upcoming stars.

She was born into a royal family in Ikorodu, Lagos State, she is beautiful and highly intelligent. Her acting career started in 1977 through the late Leke Ajao (Kokosari), who happened to be her friend, after a while, she went on break and fully came  back into acting in 1994, through the late Alade Aromire.

She left the shores of Nigeria for greener pastures, despite her great impact in the entertainment industry. Before leaving Nigeria, she featured in the rested NTA popular soap opera “Village headmaster, and Tales by Moonlight, and lots of movies such as Why me, Oyin mi, Oke Langbodo, Akeweje, Ebiti, Imported Lomo, America Jollomy, Angelina, Olaniyanu, Alani Cansellor, Malomo amongst others.

Her role in the movie Ashabi Olorisha shot her to limelight and most people only know her by that name. She has been an active member of the Yoruba movie industry, before she relocated to U.S. While in London she was the leader of ANTP London branch before relocating to U.S. She has discovered lots of talents and also helped them to nurture their career in acting.

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It, however, came as a rude shock to many, when the programme of her funeral before death flooded the internet, which is tagged “Burial Before Death” Get together which was scheduled to take place on the Sunday 9th June, 2019, at 439 Castheton Avenue (Yoruba house) Staten Ny 10301. She was the Chief Host and organiser and it started 5p.m.

The well-planned event was witnessed by her friends and colleagues in the entertainment industry to whom she poured out, all the pains she had endured and tolerated for the sake of love.

The invitation reads “What a sorrowful way to end it, Burial before death . Tagged: “The Story behind my action”, at 439 Casteton Avenue (Yoruba house) staten Ny 10301 with her as the Chief host of the event.

A popular blogger, Gistloverblog, shared the lengthy voice note and also promise to share the concluding part of the story to explain the reason behind her action.

It was revealed that the beautiful actress has gone through a lot in the hands of her husband, Gabriel Bayo Adetoro and family members and now sees herself as a walking corpse, considering the fact that she deeply loved and cared for the man in question and got betrayed at the end of it all.

This often led to frustration and depression and explained one of the reasons behind her action. Though, many may term her action childish and uncalled for, but truly, only the person who wears the shoe, can really tell where it hurts, whoever is not in her shoes cannot really know reason for her actions.

Sharing her very sad story, the mom-of-one said:

“I love my husband so much and always wanted him to look better than what he used to look like before we married. I kept buying and even sewing clothes for him, because there’s nothing bad in a woman taking care of her husband.

He said he wants to get a house, so we can move in together, when he got the house. Heaven and Bayo know I am speaking the truth, then I just got my tax return in Maryland, and I already deposited for a car, because I wanted to sell the one I was using to buy another one, but he said you would buy your car when we get to New York.

One particular Sunday night, he came to pick me and said, he would like to introduce me to one of his aunties, when we got there, he picked a key and opened the door to the house. I was surprised and it was like, this is someone’s house and you just opened the door.

He just smiled, and said, this is the house he got and we have to pay. I was very happy. As at that time, I have already collected the money I deposited for a car in Maryland.  They also sent the return on my apartment in Maryland to me, so I gave Bayo 2,000 dollars out of the car money. I was paid, and also paid the balance in to  his account to keep.

If I’m lying against Bayo, may I not make heaven when I die. Like I said, the car balance I collected, I paid into his account to keep, then when the cheque of the my deposit came, I gave it to him again. So, he took 2,000 dollars out of the money, then maybe borrowed money from Uncle Dayo Oyefeso to make it up to pay the rent, we moved in.

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I made a very silly mistake along the line. Please women, you can allow your mother-in-law to come and stay with you and your husband, because she is also your mother but never allow your husband’s siblings, niece or nephew to come and stay with you.

Kunle Oyalaja and Damilola Banwo (Mrs. Oyalaja came to stay with us. We ate from the same pot, ate together at the dinning. Suddenly, Damilola said, she wanted to start cooking for her husband. She demacated my refrigerator.

Things continued like that among us at home to the extent that she started calling Nigeria and telling people at home unprintable things about me. In one of her conversation, I overheard her, I got angry and broke her phone.

I was painted black, but during her child’s naming ceremony, I gave my husband my credit card to use. Before she had the baby, my husband claimed that it was because of the problem I was giving her that made her have high blood pressure, forgetting that, I had already noted it down, when we went to register her for antenatal, that high blood pressure runs in their family.

They pleaded with me and everything was okay again. She had her baby and  later, the problem continued, my husband said, I needed to go out of the house and if I didn’t, he would change the lock of the house, God is my witness, my house became a prison for me, I would go to work, work round the clock, even if I finished by 12 mid night.

I would do 24 hrs job, 20/24 round the clock, I slept at the locker room, instead of going home, I would sleep at work, I went to work with comforter and a pillow. I kept accepting blame for everything that was happening.

Later on, I put all my things in a friend’s house at Queens, with my ex-boyfriend’s siblings. Later, my husband said, they were stylishly trying to settle me and my ex, so I should go and pack my things back home, which I did and put everything in a storage.

I kept accepting all the blames and again we started living peacefully. But when it’s time for us to sleep, he would stay in the living room, making excuses of watching game. If I decided to put off the fan and light, in order for me to sleep, I would start hearing all his conversations with other women. At times, I would go and meet him and complain, while at other times, I would just ignore him.

There’s a particular lady, Yemi Olupitan, who was based in U.K, she was about 58 years old and my husband introduced her to me as a family friend. He said he promised to donate sperm to her and her husband 20 yrs ago and he was yet to fulfill the promise, so he was ready and willing to donate the sperm then, so, I should allow him.

I told him that I didn’t have a child, of my own, the one I would have had, you killed it and said you didn’t  want a child but now you want to go and donate sperm to someone else, I said okay and left. All the time, he was going for sperm test, he avoided me.

If I’m not lying against you Gabriel Bayo Adetoro, you would go through triple times of what I’m going through now in life. He avoided me till he went to Cyprus. I was even supposed to take him to the airport that day, but I couldn’t, because I got back late from work, so he drove himself to the airport and he got back on a Sunday morning. Before he got back, I had prepared a special meal for him, and I didn’t pick up any quarrel with him when he got back.

One particular day, the so-called Yemi Olupitan called him, I was beside him in the house. He even told her, I collected the phone, spoke with her, prayed for her safe delivery and extended my regards to her husband, not knowing she was my husband’s girlfriend.

One fateful day, I overheard my husband talking to someone on the phone, I was in the room and he was in the living room. They were talking about the pregnancy and what he would do if she gives birth to twins. I got very angry and even seized the phone and took it to work.

Yemi kept calling endlessly, initially, I didn’t pick it, later I did. She didn’t even wait to listen to response before she started talking, saying “Ayinde I have been trying to reach you, where are you my husband, should we do video call”. I answered her, that this was his wife! she said, which one of his wives? I said the one at home which you spoke with the other time.

Then I said: “Aunty Yemi, so you are dating my husband Bayo and I am praying for you. I said if you are trying to use that child to destroy my marriage, you won’t have that child peacefully. Then, I dropped the phone. After our conversation, she told my husband everything. I admitted what I said.

On August 3rd, 2017, my husband and I had an argument, and I went to meet him in the guest room and pleaded with him to come back into the room, he refused. So, I laid beside him, then later hugged him. He twisted my hand, so I took his glasses and dropped it, because I once had an accident with the hand and a doctor fixed an iron rod in side my hand.

I also had visitors that day in the house, so they came and they were pleading “daddy please leave her hand, she had accident with that hand”. He didn’t stop. Eventually, he called the police, they came and saw bruises on me so I explained that he is my husband, that I didn’t want any case, but he said no, I was not his wife, but his girlfriend who wants to destroy his home.

He brought out the deed of the house, and my name was not there. Besides the first major payment I did, I have been contributing money to every payment paid. The cops took me away. They took me to hospital initially because of my hand issue, and I was treated.

After a while of being with the cops, they released me, I trekked 4 miles back home because I didn’t have any money on me, and no shoes as well. I even had crisis where they locked me, because I’m asthmatic patient and I was not with my inhaler. I got home and started begging again, despite everything that happened to me.

We started living peacefully. Again on his birthday, I organised a surprise birthday party for him at 439 Casteton Avenue, Yoruba house. When I was cooking, he was busy chatting with Yemi Olupitan. During the party, he said it openly that he had never been celebrated in his life before, that it was his first time, and he was very happy.

One day, I was using his laptop and he forgot to lock his Facebook, that was how I saw different chats with different women on Facebook, and I also realised he chatted with Yemi on his birthday.

I got very angry that he did all that on his Facebook and denied things at the end of the day and that was how the wahala started again.”

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