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Ex-presidential Aide, Reno Omokri’s Simple Advice To Women Who Want To Avoid Heartbreaks

Ex-presidential aide and father of two, pastor Reno Omokri has given simple advice to women who do not wish to get their hearts broken. Reno, who makes it a duty to dish out relationship advice every other day, identified what ladies should be looking out for in a man.

In one of his Twitter nuggets, the social commentator advised women to let go of the idea of a dream man, because he does not exist. He advised ladies, to instead seek for ‘TRUE’ love because it does exist; while chasing after the idea of perfect love will only lead up to heartbreaks.

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Here’s what he wrote below:

Dear ladies,

If you don’t want your heart to be broken, stop looking for PERFECT love and start looking for TRUE love. Perfect love does not exist. TRUE love does. Your PERFECT man exists in your DREAM. Go for a real man. Not a DREAM one.

See screenshot below:

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