Wife Of ‘House On The Rock’ Founder, Ifeanyi Adefarasin, Sets Social Media On Fire With Her Sermon On Indecent Dressing

Social media users have reacted sharply differently to a message preached by Pastor Ifeanyi Adefarasin, wife of the senior pastor and founder of House on the Rock church, Pastor Paul Adefarasin.

In a video which went viral Thursday on social media, the beautiful mom-of-3 calls out single women who wear skimpy dresses to church to look for men and still parade themselves up and down while the service was going on.

In her words, parading themselves up and down in church, scantily dressed cannot get them a husband, rather, it will only expose them to guys who will use and dump them as the ‘toy’ they are. She preached:

“If you dress somehow and walk up and down, if there is a guy here that you can tempt, the guy will have a fling with you as the toy that you are and fling you when he is done.

Everybody likes wife material but you need to still be his chic even though you are his wife. You don’t want somebody that by the time you are walking you are trying to figure out ‘Well if this is how she is advertising how many of us are logging on to her website?’”

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Mrs. Adefarasin went further to reveal that she too has and wears skimpy dresses but that she wears them at home or when holidaying.

“Why would you wear something that when you are going up the stairs you’d have to be covering everything? Did you not know that you are going to climb stairs? Did they tell you this church is one-floor church?”, she asked.

“With all the AC (air-conditioners) and the cold, you will be wearing all manner of things. Don’t get confused I have all those manner of things but they are for my house.

“Yes, they are for my house. And guess what? When I’m on holiday I wear my shorts and I will feel like a happening babe, a hot babe, chic, but there is a conduct in the house of God.”

Appearing excited at the message, some Twitter users have cheered on the preacher, saying that more of such messages ought to be preached. Others have attacked her saying that she is putting up a ‘holier than thou’ attitude.

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Actress, Victoria Inyama wrote:

Maybe if the message preached in the church is undiluted…. And holiness is practiced…. maybe… just maybe the distractors would not be comfortable to attend… who knows maybe they could attend Deeper life or Mountain of 🔥🤔Human beings love to be taught by examples not criticism & “pastoral power “ according to Foucault 🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️.”

Actress, Shangeorgefilms added:

Preach it mama! Awon End time chikitos wearing mini and strapless to church, upon on top of that walking upandan inside d church doing selfie and eyeing pastor.

Modupppe wrote…

It looks like she has a personal beef with someone in that church 😂

Dnvofficial wrote…

House on the rock has always been a hunting ground for packaged slay mamas and play boys😉 I so love the fact she shattered this table😂 even the most skilled carpenter can’t fix it …..it is finished🙌🏽

Jessicahenshaw_e wrote….

I know some people will say it’s the heart that matters. Dress indecently for a job interview even if you have a first class degree and see if you will even be allowed into the building. Indecent dressing is very distracting, it’s bad for you and for the other people in that environment.

Impression is a real thing and it’s not judgement but how you dress is the first introduction of yourself. Some people literally feel invisible if they aren’t half naked. Some of you will never admit it but it’s a deep complex problem. Ask yourself why you really need such attention to function. I can’t deal!
Regina_drs wrote…
Sounds like personal beef to me. 😂😂 Anyways I am in support of people dressing properly to church. The one of husband no join because people meet in the club and get married. I don’t know why having a husband is the greatest achievement for a woman.
So what if they wore scanty clothes and are super pressed, they should pee on themselves? Whose fault is it that people dress like that to house on the rock. A church where people who don’t have cars or can’t afford uber are ashamed?
A church where people are mentally constrained to look a certain way. I won’t lie, pastor Paul dey preach and his teachings are practical, however, the culture of the church is what they have made it. So please you can’t come and be complaining overnight. Trust me next Sunday daughters of Jezebel will be on the line up in front 😂😂

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