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Celebrity Mum, Mimi Orjiekwe, Shares How She Restored Firmness To Her Boobs After Weaning Her Baby

Celebrity mum and actress, Mimi Orjiekwe, has talked about her personal struggles with getting back in shape after weaning her baby. In an interview with Inside Nollywood, the single mum said she could not bear to look into the mirror at a time as her otherwise perky boobs ‘fell to her tummy’ after her child suckled at them for 15 months.

While stressing that getting back in shape is tough on all women, she said the added pressure of being a celebrity makes it even more difficult for people like herself who are in the limelight. The actress shares her daughter, Jasmine, who recently turned two-year-old with her estranged husband, Charles Billion.

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She also revealed she had contemplated cosmetic surgery to help her get her confidence back but did not go through with it for fear that she might suffer complications. According to her, it is not about just keeping up appearances and shedding weight after putting to bed, but more about what you look like naked.

She also admitted to turning to breast enhancing products, that, according to her worked so well and marked the end of her insecurities regarding her breasts.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

“People keep wondering how I keep my man after having my daughter, Jasmine. It is not about slaying and going slim after birth.

It is about when you go naked. My baby sucked for 15 months and a few days and my average standing boobs fell to my tummy. I lost it.

I lost my confidence. I couldn’t even look at a mirror. I hated having a bath. I also considered going under the blade but the fear of what might happen next wouldn’t let me.

At that point, I knew that surgery wasn’t an option for me. I couldn’t even discuss it with other women because they would tell me it’s a normal experience that every woman passes through.

I was worried that my boobs were fallen and I couldn’t do anything about it,” she recalled.
For Mimi, however, life became better as she recovered her shape with the aid of breast enhancing products.

I felt better after it (breast enhancing products) helped me restore my confidence. My life never remained the same again,”

the actress said.

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