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Comic Actor, Basorge Tariah Jnr. Spills On How His Mom’s Advice Impacted His Marital Life

Actor and Movie Producer, Basorge Tariah Jnr is a face familiar to most Nigerians as he has been on the entertainment radar for so long.

In a chat with The Sun, the father of three shared beautiful and affectionate thoughts about his mother, how her valuable advice helped him in choosing his life partner.

According to him, before he got married, his mom told him the importance of family and that family comes first. He further shared how his mom told him to choose a woman who would be a friend who understands the value of marriage and staying together than just to bear the title “Mrs Tarey.”


Read excerpts below…

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What are you up to these days?

You know, I started out as a stand-up comedian. I host corporate and wedding events. As the Master of Ceremony, you infuse humour to the event. So to some extent I’m still involved in comedy. I still do comedy but not stand up. But these days, my main work is directing movies.

I am an actor, scriptwriter and the producer of Do Good. I co-owned a record label with a friend. I have an artiste called Nifty-Boy, a young man from Kaduna. We have some other artistes on the label but right now, we are pushing Nifty. I do consulting too. In other words, I do so many other things.

Tell us about your mum?

My mum is from Cross River State and my dad is from Rivers State. I am a product of two beautiful states. She is still married to my dad. They live in the same house in Port Harcourt.

Her name is Doris (nee Bassey). So, she is Mrs Doris Tarey. She has the same name with my wife which is Doris Tarey. So, we have Doris Tarey Snr and Doris Tarey Jnr.

What does she do?

My mum is retired. She’s about 80 years now. She was a supervisor for Kingsway Stores in those days. She worked in the departmental store and rose to the position of a supervisor. She is now devoted to her family and worshipping God.

Are you the last born?

I’m not. I lost a sister. In all we are nine. My dad is a polygamist. My mother gave birth to five children, but one is late.

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What advice did she give you, which you still uphold?

She drummed it into my head that the family is first. That is why I am close to my family.

And what did she tell you about while growing up?

She said I should open my eyes. That was before I got married. She told me that I should be very careful about women and not to get carried away by women.

That I should choose a woman who would be like my mother and a friend who understands more the value of marriage and staying together than the desire to be with somebody.

I put that into consideration in choosing my wife. I wanted to have somebody with desire to stay and build the marriage, somebody who understands the value of growing a family not just to bear the title as “Mrs Tarey.” People see marriage as something trendy and everybody is getting into it. So, it took me a long time of dating before I finally found my wife.

What do you cherish about your mum?

She’s angelic. She’s the most kind-hearted person. She’s humble to a fault, she’s a happy person. My mum today is taking care my strangers more than my siblings and I because her life is so good that she’s developed children everywhere, mostly from church.

The common phrase I hear from my mother is, “I just want to hear your voice, and I don’t need anything,” anytime we talk on the phone.

Are you her favourite child?

It will be unfair to say that I’m her favourite. But I can confidently say that she is closer to me. Maybe if you interview her she can refer to me as her favourite but I can say that she trusts me more and I’m closer to her.

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What are special wishes for your mum?

First, I want to appreciate her as my mother, for her understanding, her patience and her advice. I couldn’t ask for a better mum. You find out that the monumental achievements we can have in life are our value and goodness as human beings.  You find out that the real achievement is what people say about you.

She taught me to live and lead a life that would make people to have something reasonable to say that you are a good friend and a loyal person. She taught me to see my involvement in the entertainment industry, the popularity and recognition as a job. I take this interview as a public opportunity to say, ‘I love you mum.’

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