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Nigerian Mum, Lolo, Reveals How A Health Tip She Learnt On Twitter Saved Her Child’s Life

A mum-of-two, Lolo, took to Twitter to narrate how a random tip she learned on the app came in handy and became a lifesaver following an unexpected situation she experienced with her toddler. The mum took to her handle @_IamEmpress_  to share that her daughter, Reina, was choking early that morning at about 5:30 am and she would have tried to help the child by giving her some water as is the traditional practice in Nigeria when a baby is choking.

Lolo said she quickly recalled that a thread by a doctor, Nonso, who is also active on the app had addressed the same subject. @_IamEmpress_  said she already learned from that informative thread made by the doctor that it is detrimental to give water to a person who is choking. So, she sat her daughter on the floor and began patting her back. After a short while, the child vomited, and to their surprise, they saw an earring in her vomit.

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The mother said if they had given the child water, it would have pushed the earring further down and could have led to her death since the toddler was already showing difficulty with breathing before vomiting.

Read her tweets below.

How @aproko_doctor medical threads saved Reina’s life. See, I wake up 5:30am every morning to get ready for the gym or get Alondra Ready for school while my man 4am to pray.whenever he wakes he brings Alondra to our Room while he goes to her room to Kabash(to avoid interrupting My Sleep) during this daily routine Reina would wake up,crawl to her big sister and cuddle with her (I really don’t know why) or pull her hair or ear. Today’s own, i woke up and left for the gym. On getting home, I haven’t even turned the engine off when i heard my man

Screaming my name from inside the house. I rushed in, found Reina choking, eyes Red and finding it difficult to breathe. Lord! First thing i did was insert one finger in her mouth to know if there’s anything there but nothing. My man brings her water(normal African RemedyFor someone choking) that was when I remembered Dr Nonso’s thread about not giving someone choking water,i told him to keep the water cos it’s not safe(before i saw that thread, I probably would have forced the water down her throat cos of the OT i had growing up)

I undressed her and sat her on the tiles while waiting for my man to get dressed so we could rush her to the hospital. By now Reina was already gasping for air. Lord! I kept Rubbing her back and at the same time trying to figure out why she was choking then Immediately, Lord intervened and Lo and Behold Reina vomited and guess what I found in her pile of Vomit? ALONDRA’S EARRING! Lord! I didn’t know she had pulled the earring out while she was pulling Alondra’s ear earlier. Immediately she took very deep breath and you could notice.

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