Controversial Man of God, Apostle Suleman, Drops Bombshell For Married Women Who Dare To Challenge Their Husbands

The president of the Omega Fire Ministries church, Apostle Suleman, dropped a bombshell yesterday on Twitter. In his concise but instructive message to married women, the pastor said it would be their cross to bear if they allowed themselves to fall into the temptation of challenging their husbands.

According to the father-of-two, if a woman allows herself to be tricked by her “spiritual husband” into arguing with or challenging her husband and is sent packing thereafter, the spiritual husband will not be there to get her another apartment.

He tweeted:

“Any voice telling you to challenge your husband is the voice of a spiritual husband..when you lose your home,spiritual husband won’t get you an apartment..”

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Following a lot of backlash from Twitter users, the controversial apostle made a U-turn, saying it was sheer sarcasm and that he pampers his own wife, and is honored by her in return. He also threatened to block anyone who disagrees with him impolitely from following his tweets.

Here’s what he wrote below:

I threw a joke about not challenging your husband/spirit husband. see females reacting..I don’t joke with my wife..I pamper her and she honours me..what happened to sense of humor here?see reactions like iran/Iraq crisis..

I have said it before,you can disagree politely and feel free to voice your opinion and stance here..if your responses are insultive,I will extend a ‘BLOCK’ to you as a token of my love..take you bitterness some where else.

See his original post below:

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