Does This Junior Secondary School Student’s Essay On Marriage Contain Some Elements Of Truth In It??

A student’s essay on what they consider to be marriage is generating quite some buzz on Nigerian Twitter. A screenshot of the student’s answer to the question “What is marriage?’ in a social studies class assessment was shared by Nigerian journalist and media entrepreneur, Kadaria Ahmed.

The Junior Secondary School student in her response to the test question expressed that marriage happens when the parents of a girl consider that she has come of age and subsequently instruct her to seek a man who will marry and assume responsibilities of feeding her, because they have done their part.

In the student’s words:

“Marriage happens when the parent of a girl say to her, “you are a big woman now. We can’t feed you again. Better go and find a man who will start feeding you.”

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The student concludes their essay by explaining that the lady who had been urged by her own parents, then finds a man, whose parents chastise for delaying to give them grandchildren because he failed to get married.

These two people, united by similar needs, then come together, and finally get married, and engage in “nonsense” so they can start having children.

See screenshot of the child’s essay below:

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Twitter users were humoured by what many thought was ingenuity on the part of the student essay.

See some of the reactions below:

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