Bitter Nigerian Feminist Mum & Wife, Florida Uzoaru, Sets The Internet On Edge With Her Outrageous Account Of Her Disdain For Being A Wife & Mom

Florida Uzoaru, a Nigerian mum who describes herself as a ”bitter feminist” has received heavy backlash after she voiced her regrets about being married to her husband as well as having their son. Uzoaru who is still very much married to her husband with whom she shares a son took to Twitter to describe her being a wife and mum in clearly unglorifying terms.

In her extremely controversial thread, the mum-of-one recounted how marriage and becoming a mother almost deviated her life long ambition of being a successful career woman. Florida in the Twitter thread, stated that her dream for a very long time was to become very successful at her career and that she’s not family-oriented. According to her, her marriage to her husband would have long been over, if her husband did not beg her to please stay on. Twitter users have labeled her dysfunctional following her provocative thread.

Florida recounted how she met her husband and then got pregnant immediately after their wedding, a decision she said she regretted at the time. According to her, her husband has come to terms with the fact that she is an ambitious woman who must pursue her dreams alongside holding on to her marriage, but she insists, she will have no more children and that she should not have had her son in the first place.

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Read her narration below:

“I knew I was a career-driven woman! I knew I wasn’t all that excited about getting married.

I knew children weren’t my favorable thing on earth. But building a career I wanted seemed to take too long & I was impatient. I wasn’t going to get married. 

Then I met Le Boo & only fell in love. This was the first time in my life I was liking a man who liked me more than I liked him. I generally go for unavailable men, men who aren’t sure of me etc.

If a man “loves me too much”, he’s not challenging & so I didn’t want him I got married & immediately wanted a child, cos that’s the natural progression, isn’t it.

Had my baby and almost immediately regretted it. Actually I started regretting it from the time I got pregnant. It was if I temporarily lost my marbles.

Regardless, I made the decision. This was not an unplanned pregnancy. I wanted the child. I did everything I could to get the child, and now I have him.

Thus, I was going to be the very best mother I could for this child, who didn’t beg me to have him.”

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She went further to state that although she loves and appreciates her husband who she says has been the one holding down the marriage, she still regrets getting married at the age she did, which she revealed was 30. When she realized that she wanted to be more than a mother and wife, she resolved to go for her master’s program in the UK and went on to apply for the program without the consent of her husband.

When she got admitted, she told her husband who was very much displeased with her decision as he wanted to have another child. Florida who already felt shackled with one child revealed that she refused.

According to her post, he threatened her about not having anymore kids if she went ahead with her plans of schooling in the UK, the mum-of-one said she was pleased with his threat. She went on to pursue the program in the UK. She finished and started her plans of pursuing a PhD program.

It was at this point she considered divorce as she believed her husband was always going to be a problem in her pursuit of success. She revealed that she still loved him but wanted more for herself as she didn’t consider herself a family woman.

Read the rest of her story below:


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The career-driven mum concluded her thread saying she should never have gotten married and most definitely should not have gotten pregnant or had her son.

“Bottom line, if I knew myself better, I wouldn’t have gotten married or most definitely wouldn’t have had a child. But it’s already happended and I’d be damned if i dont make the best of it. Regardless, Im reminded that those were decisions I shouldn’t have taken!

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