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‘I started having sex at the age of 16 & got married at 18’ –Watch Blogger & Single Mom, Blessing Okoro’s Interview On Her Life & Failed Marriage

Controversial Instagram blogger, Blessing Okoro has just revealed a bit about her early beginnings and failed marriage in an interview with OAP, Daddy Freeze.

A few weeks ago, we happily reported the news of Blessing Okoro who claimed to be marking her 30th birthday, eight (8) years after her husband drove her out of their shared one room apartment.

According to Miss Okoro, God turned the shame of those years to joy for her, as she showed off a 7-bedroom mansion which she said was her 30th birthday gift to herself.

Her grass to grace story resonated with many people, but it turned out the single mum-of-two was merely keeping up appearances and lying without provocation.

Her cover was blown when the real owner of the house, a Nigerian businessman who is for the better part based in China saw pictures of his house and reached out to her to renounce her claims to his property.

The man later identified as Onye Eze called the blogger out on social media but for reasons that are not obvious, the Okoro was determined to aggressively defend her lies.

She went ahead to take more pictures in the house after paying the gateman to let her in for some more photos, including brazenly showing a building plan to further convince observers that the house was hers.

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The move prompted Eze to call her out and a video of her being humiliated on her knees and in handcuffs surfaced online. In the video, she was made to confess that the house didn’t belong to her. The drama didn’t end there, however, as more videos surfaced with Okoro insisting the said house belongs to her and there was only a mix up.

After a lengthy back and forth, Okoro admitted that she lied about the ownership of the mansion and only wanted to use it to inspire herself as she had earlier set a goal for herself which she couldn’t meet up with.

In this new interview with Freeze, the single mom spoke about her early beginnings, how she met and started dating her then 24-year-old boyfriend when she was just 14 and was sleeping with him at the age of 16.

According to her, she didn’t know she would eventually end up with him, adding that she’s still in love with her ex-husband and father of her children. She further revealed that her father disowned her for marrying her ex-husband at that tender age.

In her words; 

”I started dating when I was 14, the guy I was dating turned out to be my husband who I got married to when I was 18. He was 10-years older than me.”

When asked if they were having sex at that time, she said, ‘yes we were. I loved him’. She continues:

”You know when we say I was 14, we were under ages, but we were exposed. Back then I used to lie about my age too because I was exposed and looked bigger than my age. So we dated and got married even though my parents didn’t want the marriage because they felt I was still very young.”

She also revealed that she’s now in a relationship but didn’t reveal further details. Speaking on her image laundering saga, Miss Okoro revealed that ‘Onyeze’ was invited by the police for questioning and the man who handcuffed her was on his knees begging.

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Watch the interview below…

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