Celebrity Mum, Sonia Ogbonna Hints That Her Marriage To Actor, Ik Ogbonna Is Over But She Won’t Stop Him From Being A Father To His Child

Celebrity mum-of-one, Sonia Ogbonna and her Nollywood actor husband, IK Ogbonna, may have pulled the curtains on their young marriage.

Rumours have trailed the couple’s marriage since last year but neither of them addressed the speculations. Sonia, who now lives countries apart from the father of her son, was having a question and answer session on Instagram when a follower mentioned she loves her family and hopes she and actor can get back together.

The follower expressed hope that the mum-of-one and her husband would mend fences if there’s a problem with their relationship. But Sonia answered that getting back together is not always the best idea and cautioned the hopeful follower.

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Replying the follower, Sonia wrote:

‘Guys, you really need to stop pushing people “back together”.

How about we just wish each other happiness and peace of mind instead?.’

In response to a follower who questioned whether the mum-of-one would consider marriage again, she replied that, unlike most girls, she never had a dream to get married and it’s not something she thinks of in her spare time.

On whether he spends time with the actor when he visits their son, she replied;

“I don’t want to stop a man from being a father to his child. I’m cool like ice and dramaFree to the bone.”

See screenshots below:

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