Dear MIMsters: I Am Guilty Of Being In Love With Two Men, But I’m Confused About What To Do

I am 23 years old in my undergraduate and will be graduating next year. Right now, I am guilty of being in love with two men.

I met Mudi in my first year in 2016. He had just completed his National diploma and was doing his internship in the same company with me. We got close and he was really very nice to me. We were really good friends when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I declined because I was in a relationship with a guy whom I really love and loves me back.

Mudi, the other guy in question didn’t give up. He was always there for me and even convinced me to buy D.E form for the same school he applied for, which I did. And we got admission into the same institution. We really got so intimate and close. We turned best friends because he was real and I got really comfortable with him that I told him my secrets, my family issh and he told me his too. I really got attracted to him, while I was still dating my boyfriend. Mudi made me so free around him, helped me build up my low self esteem.

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I could play with him, crack jokes, fart in front of him; things I couldn’t do with my boyfriend. I laugh so hard when I’m with him because his sense of humour is something else but I don’t get all that from my boyfriend as he is a quiet guy, quite formal, not so funny but he’s also a very nice, loving and caring guy. We have no friendship, just love, truth be told. I fell in love with Mudi and he loved me from the onset and has never given up. He has been asking me to leave my boyfriend.

He has tried because he has been with me for the past three years even as I splash my relationship on his face. Mudi is already fed up with me. He says, I love him but I haven’t yet left my boyfriend. It may sound strange but I really love him and don’t want him to go because he is a sweet guy. At the same time, I also don’t know what or how to tell my boyfriend I no longer want him and I still love my boyfriend and don’t want to leave him.

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Mudi has been there for me since the past 3 years and has given up all his female friends to prove how serious he wants to be with me but I just don’t feel it’s the right time to leave my boyfriend, even though I love Mudi so much. Mudi is now saying he’ll leave if I don’t do something about it. I love this Mudi so much because we do everything together and I have also cheated on my boyfriend with him in different ways. I know that I am guilty but I am really confused on what to do. I need your sound advice.

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