Apology Or Not, Human Rights Activist, Segun Awosanya Lays Down Steps In Place To Bring Senator Elisha Abbo To Justice

Following public outrage against Nigeria’s youngest senator, Elisha Abbo after he physically attacked a young mum without clear provocation, and his subsequent media brief that saw him offering an apology that most Nigerians have termed arrogant and insincere, popular human rights activist, Segun Awosanya has said he and his team of lawyers are unfazed and will see to it that the senator answers to his crimes.

Another victim has documented his unsavoury experience at the hand of the fair-skinned senator, and his case will be fought alongside that of the nursing mum whose case came to public notice two days ago.

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The social activist said efforts are ongoing to file an application and compensation for the vicims whose fundamental human rights were flouted by Senator Abbo.

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We’ve been contacted by several entities on the infraction of Senator Elisha Abbo against a citizen of this country. Yes, he apologized and as Christians we have forgiven him but there is no sorry at Law especially as regards a contravention of the Law by a public officer.

We are pressing forward with fundamental rights enforcement proceeding, we are also filing an application and compensation under VAPP Act Of 2015 for the victim who paid her own medical expenses, Criminal proceedings with @naptipnigeria & civil proceeding for assault & battery.

If we don’t follow through the process, another senator and other public servants will do worse and cry on National TV for forgiveness. We will not be a civilization if we reinforce impunity especially from people who should know better. We forgive you & trust you’ll cooperate.There are other testimonies about violence against persons on this same senator. facebook.com/10000029323959#Justice4Muyiwa

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