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Concerned Mom Warns About Dangers Of Playground Swing After Son Suffers Shocking Head Injury (Worrying Images)

For parents, safety concerns are always a worry when it comes to children playing outside. A concerned mom, Rebecca Jordan took to Facebook to share a worrying picture of her son’s head and eyes after he spent too long spinning on a playground swing.

According to the Facebook post, that has now gone viral, Rebecca’s son was playing outside with other children on a dream catcher swing – a saucer-shaped swing, used to spin in circles.

Rebecca’s son passed out as soon as he got off the swing after he complained his ‘brain hurt’. On further inspection the whole of the top of his head had turned red in colour and looked as if it had been burned or bruised.

Rebecca explains in her post, that after a trip to the emergency services, doctors revealed blood had pooled in her son’s head and blood vessels in his eyes had ‘burst from the extreme pressure’.

In her warning post to fellow moms, Rebecca said:

”Just so parents are aware of what could happen when your child spins way too fast for way too long on a swing with their head leaned back/hanging off.”

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