Stella Damasus & Daniel Ademinokan Talk Living As A Blended Family, Their Challenges & How They Scale Through

Nollywood screen diva and blogger, Stella Damasus and her filmmaker husband, Daniel Ademinokan, have opened up about living together as a blended family with their children from previous marriages.

According to the prolific actress and mother-of-two, it wasn’t easy accepting each other with their children.

Damasus revealed that they had to learn how to love each other’s children like their own as that was part of what choosing to be together entailed.

Going further she revealed that at the initial stages of their living together as a family, she was careful not to reprimand Daniel’s son whenever he did something wrong all in the fear of not being called an evil step mother.

According to Stella, things took a different twist after her husband’s mum told her to stop treating him with kid gloves if she indeed loves him as much as she loves her daughters.

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It is no news that Daniel and Dorcas’ divorce was quite a messy one and in the public eye. Daniel who on the other hand admitted to having quite a messy divorce, revealed that they don’t use the ‘step’ word in their family.

According to the dad-of-one, people find it quite hard to believe he is not the biological father of Stella Damasus’ daughters.

Recounting the first time Dorcas and Stella met after the divorce drama, Daniel noted that Stella was peaceful and even went on to exchange numbers with the fellow actress and basically make peace for the sake of their family.

The couple also went on to talk about the importance of having both their exes in good terms with them. The filmmaker further revealed that having a blended family is way much bigger than those inside as it goes all the way out.

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