How Single Mum-Of-Five, Leshia Champs, Navigated The Odds To Pass Her Bar Exams Is True Inspiration

A super mum beat the odds to pass her bar exams after graduating law school. Despite caring for her five children single-handedly, 34-year-old Leshia Champs whose law school graduation photos went viral early last year passed her bar exams in November same year.

Being a single mother and working towards a professional degree is challenging, but the 34-year-old did it nonetheless. She told USA Today last November that she grew up on the streets and was in and out of foster homes as a child. She’s also been very vocal about being a high school drop out and being homeless at one point in time.

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The entire story behind Leslie’s journey to single parenthood isn’t well known, nevertheless, the moment Champs found out she passed the bar exam, she told the Houston Chronicle that she ran around her home in joy.

“I screamed so loud and I ran through my apartment 15 times, I just keep saying thank you God. When I saw it was just so surreal.”

Since May last year when news of her graduation from Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law broke, Leshia has credited her success to her children, who are aged 5 to 14 years old.

She told USA Today in an interview that the children helped her achieve her goals,

“including quizzing her with flashcards while she cooked dinner and serving as a mock jury.”

But her journey has not been easy, experiencing some of the worst misfortunes anyone of her age could ever go through. In 2009, a fire destroyed all she had and she lost her job. When she was seven months pregnant, the father of two of her children died from cancer. She had to look up to God for strength, she told ABC13, and this paid off.

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