Dear MIMsters: Should I Give My Husband A Second Chance Because Of This?

Should I give my husband a second chance?
I have been married for 4 years. Early this year, I moved out of my house, left the husband with 3 kids. Because I moved town, I couldn’t take the kids out of school.
I didn’t leave my marriage because my husband was cheating, I left because I’m 32 years old and my husband is 48, so, he treats me like a child, makes decisions for me, beats me and emotionally abuses me. However, there’s a great side of him that takes cares of the family financially, makes sure that there’s always food and the rent is paid. I don’t spend any of my money for the house except for my grooming and taking the kids out.
I just hate the way he beats me, treats me, and his jealousy but I like the fact that he’s good father and very prayerful. God knows I hate divorce but a few months ago, I really wanted a divorce. Nut now, I have mixed feelings because I feel like I must give my marriage another chance. God knows I hate divorce. My parents have been married for 40 years. I believe in family and raising kids in a family. My husband has done terrible things to me but I want to forgive, forget all and try again.
How do I point out to him all the things he did and I don’t like? I want him to treat me like a wife not like his daughter. I want my marriage back, so does he, but I want a changed man. Please advice me.
I’m not going back to my husband because I’m suffering. I recently got a better paying job, bought a car and an apartment. But I just feel like I must go back to my marriage because God hates divorce. Please advice, should I go back or not?
I’m even thinking of suggesting to my husband that I will go back to the marriage only if we live apart and visit each other on the weekends for me to see if he has really changed. I have now bought an apartment in another town where I work. I want to live in another town so that if he hasn’t changed, I will quit the marriage completely even though God knows I hate divorce.

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