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Dear MIMsters: I’ve Decided To Break My Silence To Be Free But Do Not Judge Me

Mimsters, I think it’s time for me to break my silence to share my story on rape. Please don’t judge me because it’s one of the reasons I have kept quiet since.

It all started when I was working at a medical laboratory back in December 2013, as a receptionist. On this day, a guy came in to run a test. He looked very familiar but I couldn’t place how and he also couldn’t remember. His name is Tony.

After that day, Tony would always come to check up on me and we became friends. He has a friend called Obinna. Obinna and Tony are so close that they usually come together.

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One day Tony insisted on knowing my house and I showed him and on another day, he came with Obinna who met my bestie. She’s like my sister but people hardly know she’s not my mother’s child except those who know us from Adam. The next day, Tony came to my place of work and told me how he couldn’t sleep, how he doesn’t think he can live without me and so on. Immediately, I told him that I wasn’t ready for a relationship because I believed he is married but he said he wasn’t.

He kept trying to make me date him but I refused. Meanwhile, Obinna was also asking my bestie out. She told him to give her a little time to study him first.

Forward to January of 2014, Tony came to my place of work and told me to follow him to one of his lands because he was alerted that someone was trying to build on it. He sells land and cars. I followed him and after finishing his business, he took me back to my house and left.  The next day, he came again to my place of work and told me that his sister brought human hair for him to sell, and wanted me to come by and check it out so I can help him sell it.

I followed Tony because he seemed decent and he is a deacon in his church, so, nothing like nonsense came to mind. On arrival, I saw it was a restaurant and bar that also has rooms for booking. I was offered a bottle of malt because I don’t drink alcohol. I ask him for the hair but he told me its inside one of the rooms. Said he couldn’t show me in the restaurant because people come to eat there and then I saw him whisper something into the barman’s ear and they laughed. Ohh,😢I must have been so stupid not to have suspected anything.

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I followed him and the next thing Tony did was lock the door and put the key in his pocket. I was so surprised and couldn’t talk. Then he pushed me so hard, I landed on the bed. That was when it dawned on me that he was going to rape me. I started shouting and dragging with him. The barman at the reception increased the volume music so no one heard my voice. Tony overpowered me and raped me.

He pinned me down and brought out a condom, saying that he doesn’t want to infect me because I’m a good girl. The more I shouted, the more he threatened to remove the condom, then I’ll beg him again not to remove it. Oh! What a terrible day it was!

When he finally opened the door, I left in tears. I didn’t wait for him to drive me home. When I got home, my bestie was already worried about coming home late. I told her everything that had happened and we cried together. I couldn’t tell my mom and any other person because they will blame me for following him to the hotel.

Ten minutes after I got home, Tony called and started apologizing. Said he did it so I’ll agree to date him. My bestie insulted his life and reported him to his friend who also apologized and told her that Tony has not been himself since the incident happened, that he’s really sorry. I blocked him from calling me.

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A few weeks later, my bestie told me she was going to visit Obina who wanted her to come meet his mom. As she was about to leave, she called Obinna to ask him for the address. Luckily for her, she didn’t end the call and Obinna also forgot to end it. She overheard Tony telling him to hold her very well when he’s about to rape her. Obinna said I cannot rape this one because I love her but Tony convinced him and he finally agreed. She quickly ended the call and called him again and insulted both of them.

This was how God delivered her, so I was the only victim.

Surprisingly, Obinna sent me friend a request on FB about two weeks ago. I checked his profile and saw that he’s been married with 3 kids, two boys and a little girl. He’s got mind to send me a request after all he did, well, I didn’t accept or decline. I leave him to God.

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