Couple Who Met In Primary School Got Married And Now Have A kid Who Attends Same School

A couple, who attended the same primary school, got married years after and now have a child who they sent to the same school. Their unique love story was shared on Facebook by the daughter of the school’s proprietress, Nkem Akinsoto.

According to the story, as kids, the couple went to Unique Fnps Nursery and Primary school in Asaba, Delta State. The man, who was the Headboy, later began dating the woman after they graduated and were old enough. They eventually got married some years back.

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The couple went on to have two kids and when their first child was old enough, he was sent to the same school his parents attended.

According to Nkem who shared photos of the couple, the school is a legacy that she is proud to have inherited from her mother after it has produced many professionals and now an amazing love story.

Read the story of the couple as shared by Nkem below: 

Unique Love Story – Couple met in Asaba Primary school.

I’m currently in Asaba, and two days ago, we attended the graduation ceremony of Unique Fnps, the private nursery and primary school founded by my mother in the eighties in Enugu, and then in Asaba in the nineties after we relocated.

Since then, the primary school has graduated over 20 sets of students, of whom some are now doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, fashion designers, business managers, etc.

Even more heartwarming is a story I heard a few days prior and then I met the protagonists at the graduation ceremony.

It turns out, years after they graduated, the first head boy of the school, met another student and they fell in love. Now they are married with two children. The first of their boys has started kindergarten in his parent’s alma mater and the second will join him soon.

Life is so amazing sometimes. I’m so proud of this legacy from my mother. Wishing the couple many blessings of love and marriage.

See the screenshot below:

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