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Dear MIMsters: Breaking The Silence! How I Was Raped By A Medical Doctor In A National Hospital

It’s amazing some people don’t believe rape stories. Mothers, please be watchful. Protect and believe your children. I was raped by a medical doctor in Nigeria. Yes, you heard that right. A medical doctor in a national hospital.

I had just finished NYSC and was retained in one of the top financial institutions in Lagos. I was happy with my new job. My family resided in a different state and I had to live with a family friend due to my new job. They were very nice to me.

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One day, I went to work as usual and started to feel sick at work. I asked my colleague if there was any nearby hospital or clinic so I could see a doctor. She described a place not too far from the office and I decided to close early from work to visit the hospital. I got there and there were lots of people waiting to see the doctor. It was a federal medical center. My condition was getting worse with high fever and some breathlessness. I approached one of the nurses and she decided to notify the doctor that I needed prompt medical care. By then, it was almost getting to 9:30pm.

The doctor attended to me and he was quite polite. He ordered some tests and insisted I did them and wait to see him again after the results were out. Before then, he had attempted to engage me in a conversation which I wasn’t interested in. I remember he told me he finished from UNILAG. I can still remember the way he looked clearly but I can no longer remember his name. The nurse beckoned on me so she could take my blood samples. Out of curiosity, I asked her what tests were ordered. One of it was HIV test. I wondered why but brushed it aside and gave it no further thought. The test results came out and the doctor called me again. I went to see him and he told me I would be admitted because my condition was bad. I told him it wouldn’t be necessary and that I would like to go home but he insisted and told the nurse to set up a bed with a drip for me.

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I quickly called my family friend I was living with to inform them. They told me they would be around first thing the next morning as it was already very late and it wasn’t safe to come that night (they didn’t have a car). I was put in the general ward on a bed.

I suddenly woke up a little in the middle of the night. The drip or whatever that was being passed into my body system had weakened me so much. I was barely able to open my eyes and everything was blurry. I noticed I was in a private room and on a private bed. I couldn’t speak or move. I wanted to call for help but I was too weak. I weakly opened my eyes and I saw the same doctor that had attended to me in the evening, he had nothing on and was smiling. I could hear him telling me I would be fine.

As I tried so hard to lift my body, he came towards the drip that was set up for me and injected a yellow substance into it. I slumped back onto the bed and I instantly felt the doctor on top of me. I could not struggle I was too weak. I woke up the next morning very very tired. I looked around and it was still the same room. I checked myself and realized I had been raped.

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I quickly got up , got my things and met a nurse on my way out. She called me and asked me not to leave. I demanded to see the doctor. I wanted to confront him. She told me the doctor had closed for the day and he was a visiting doctor that won’t be back till the following week. She said the doctor left me some medication in a white envelope. I collected it and left. I opened the medication the next day and I was too sure what he gave me was contraceptives.

It’s been ten years after the whole incident happened and I still remember like it happened yesterday. I have only told a close friend about this. I have not had the courage to speak about it. I have suffered in silence for so long. I have had panic attacks, I have hated men, I have questioned myself a lot. But I have decided to speak up to free myself now. I have left Nigeria many years ago and I have gone for therapy .but trust me, the most healing therapy is finding your voice and speaking out. Say NO to rape.

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