Actress, Mercy Aigbe’s Estrange Husband, Lanre Gentry Reveals She’s Back In His House…She Reacts

Lanre Gentry, estranged hotelier husband of celebrity mom-of-two, Mercy Aigbe has revealed that she is back to his house, two years after their marital crisis and alleged battering got to public space.

It will be recalled that the couple fell out in 2017 on grounds of domestic violence and infidelity after 7 years of marriage. She moved out of his house and the Lagos State Department of Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team got involved in the case.

In an exclusive chat with PUNCH, Gentry, father of Aigbe’s second child, stated that all the issues between him and his wife are now in the past. The hotelier further stated that they’ve settled their issues outside the court and she is back to his house. He told the news outlet:

“We are not in court and we don’t have any issues (again). She is my wife and the court case is over. She is back to my house.”

On lessons learnt from the marital crisis, Mr Gentry said;

“There is no special lesson to be learnt anywhere. Women are usually misled by their friends. When a woman is in the midst of her friends, many things happen. However, when they realise that they have done something wrong, then they are good to go. We give thanks to God.”

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Gentry also said he did not belong to the class of men who were threatened by the successes of their wives.

“My advice to everybody is that they should be tolerant. If couples tolerate each other, the most important thing has been done. Also, let your partner have his or her way; though not every time but as much as possible.

When you allow your wife to have her space and time, you would have a better relationship. Things are not always done by shouting and force. Women have families to cater for, so they should be allowed to go out, so they can have something to handle their responsibilities. And that is how I have been managing my wives because I was married to someone else before I wedded Mercy.

If you are not tolerant of women, there is no way you can manage them. Once you are not someone who always wants to have his way, it is easy to manage women. I am very tolerant with my wife and I always support with prayers for all her endeavours. It is also very important, to be honest.

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If you are honest, there is nothing that can separate you. New couples should always pray for themselves and allow their spouses to grow. As a man, if your wife is successful, you would benefit from her growth.”

However reacting to the claims made in the interview, Mercy Aigbe accused her estranged husband of seeking attention. She reportedly said:

“What is wrong with Baba Juwon? And why are people still calling him to ask unnecessary questions? He just wants publicity. I stay in my own house.”

A close associate of the actress also alleged that Lanre Gentry is yet to move on, and still introduces himself as Mercy Aigbe’s husband. She told Punch:

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”Mercy is not in the country at the moment; she travelled out to get goods for her stores. He (Gentry) knows that the media is not talking about him again, so he just wants to ‘trend’.

Meanwhile, Mercy has moved on; he is the one that is stagnant. I think he is suffering from inferiority complex. At times, when he goes out, he introduces himself as Mercy Aigbe’s husband.”

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