The 10 Type Of Friends Every Mum Should Have

Mums need friends and not just any type of friends but friends that will stick with them through thick and thin, all through being wives and mothers.

Having a circle of mummy friends is not only essential to provide a form of community or support system for you when those inevitable challenges come your journey as a mother and wife.

The type of friends you should have depends on the type of mum and individual you are.

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1. The Comrade Mum

This mum is going through what you are currently going through. You probably met her at the hospital during antenatal, when you were out shopping or during school runs. You both get talking and the rest is history.  This mum gives you a sense of comradeship, so make good use of your friendship. Talk to her about the challenges you have in common, share tips, listen to her suggestions and exchange numbers, then stay in touch.

2. The Fitness Mum

Getting back in shape or staying fit is a struggle for many mums but there’s that one mum who is a little more determined than the average mum to be in great physical shape. The good thing is this mum could very well use and probably looks forward to having work out buddies who are mums like her. She’s a great motivation and won’t give up trying to drag you along for aerobics on Saturdays.

3. The Stylish Mum

This mum always looks like she’s just walked out of a magazine. When it comes to style, she puts it together even when she’s strapped with a baby carrier or towing a toddler. She knows how to look good on a budget and where to get affordable quality fashion accessories, she’s the mum you want to tag along with for free fashion consultation.

4. The Spiritual Mummy

This mummy is the one that lays emphasis on spiritual growth and development for everyone around her, including you. It is usually better to have one that shares the same beliefs as you. No Nigerian mum is going to wave off the importance of prayers, it is the lifeline that connects you to God. Spiritual awareness and faith goes a long way to he

5. Inspiration Mum

This mum is the type you always look forward to talking with. Every session with her has a therapeutic effect because she looks past all your limitations and makes you feel like a super-mum. She leaves you charged with positive energy and gives great advice. She is interested in your passion, wants to see you fired up, working with and around your mummy duties and being all that you could ever aspire to be.

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6. Down-For-Whatever-Mummy

The down-for-whatever friend is that no-holds-barred type of mum. She would give the frank talk when the occasion calls for it and will be the life of the party if that’s the occasion. After filling your day with fun and excitement, she’s the type to dismiss your gratitude with an ‘anytime, girl’ type of reply.

7. Google-Mummy

What about the ask-me-anything type of friend? She makes it her business to try to know everything that has to do with parenting and raising children. She is not sure if it will work but she knows what it’s all about. She knows where the latest artificial insemination clinic is, what the average weight of a newborn baby is and how to operate the new breast milk expressing machine. She’ll save you a lot of anxiety and misinformation.

8. P.T.A Mummy

It is imperative that you get a mummy friend who also has a child in your child’s school. your P.t.A mummy friend can keep you up to date on the goings-on in your child’s school and even help you keep an extra copy of the new school curriculum they handed out at the last PTA meeting you missed.

Your kids can study together and both families can hang out together and develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

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9. Veteran Mummy

This is the mum who has been there and done that. her children are probably undergraduates or working class. She is the one you go to for advice on how to handle your deviant teen child. This mum is armed with the experience that you are just on the path of acquiring. veteran mum is the sage, the shoulder to cry on, and a source of strength to let you know you can make it through the storms of parenting or motherhood.

10. Not-Yet-Mummy

She might be younger or you could be agemates, single or married and looking forward to carrying her own baby and experience the joys of motherhood. You can be her own veteran mummy friend that tells her the joys and pains of motherhood.

Then again, she can be the one that gives you the much-needed break from the smothering mothering worries that take up most of your waking hours.  She’ll remind you of your pre-mummy days and make you feel young again.   


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