‘There’s no limits for my mom’ -Man Becomes Internet Sensation For Taking This Extreme Measure To Save His Bedridden Mom From Fire

How far are you willing to go for the ones you love in the face of danger? For one man, it meant channeling his inner Spiderman.

The Philadelphia man simply identified as Jermaine showed nothing short of love and devotion when he climbed a 19-story building in an attempt to save his bed-ridden mother after a fire consumed the building.

Last week, Jermaine received a call from his sister explaining that their 65-year-old mother’s high-rise apartment building was on fire. Immediately, the 35-year-old sprung to action, explaining that he was willing to risk life and limb if it meant a chance at saving his mother from the fire. He told ABC news:

“I wasn’t going to sit here and let my mother die. I’d rather risk my life falling than let her sit in there and die.”

According to multiple reports, the proud son had to do what he had to do in order to save his mother, and since the police had blocked all the entrances to the building, he raced over to the Westpark Apartments and started to scale the outside of the building.

Fortunately by the time he reached his mother, the fire had not reached her 15th-floor apartment. Jermaine’s mother and her boyfriend were told to wait on the porch while the fire and smoke were being contained.

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After confirming his mother was fine, Jermaine started to make his way down and that’s when news cameras began capturing his feat. Jermaine explained:

“I climbed up with some barbed-wire cutters to cut the gate so at least the firefighters will be able to get upstairs. When I first got out there there was a 100 cops out there, 50 firefighters.

They said the whole building was on fire and they wasn’t letting nobody in…I took it upon myself because that’s my mother. There’s no limits for my mother.”

While it may look like the ultimate daredevil stunt, it was rather easy for Jermaine to scale the building as he explained to an ABC affiliate that he had plenty of years of practice.

“As kids we used to jump roofs. Glad I had the practice,” he told the media.

The fact that Jermaine is a former roofer and construction worker also helped his cause as he had plenty of experience in building structures.

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Jermaine’s story has now become a big sensation, but he doesn’t feel that what he did was extraordinary. Jermaine said:

“I think if anyone else was in that circumstances they would do the same thing, because don’t nobody want to just sit outside and lose their mother.”

Below is a video of Jermaine scaling the building…



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