New Mom Who Had Two Divorces Over Infertility Issues Shares Her Message Of Victory After Welcoming Quintuplets

A 45-year-old woman, who was thought to be infertile after 20 years of being married without a child, has finally been blessed with five healthy babies at a time, quintuplets.

In an exclusive interview with Adom News, the joyous mother said she is still in shock. Maame Cynthia, a Ghanaian welcomed her bundle of joy, two daughters and three boys, at Sam-J Specialist Hospital at Haatso in Accra.

Cynthia revealed how her first two ‘impatient’ husbands divorced her due to her inability to conceive but that, she stressed, did not deter her from hoping to celebrate the fruit of her womb.

She gave marriage another chance and after she remarried and was still facing the problem, she trusted God and the miracle happened. She conceived her babies through in-vitro fertilization, IVF.

With the support of doctors and nurses at the Sam-J Specialist hospital, she said: “I can smile at the storm”. Maame Cynthia urged women struggling to have children to be inspired by her story and have faith in God.

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Meanwhile, a gynecologist at the hospital, DCOP Samuel Amo-Mensah (Rtd) expressed immense joy that the the assisted reproductive procedure was successful.

DCOP Amo- Mensah confirmed that both the mother and the babies are fine and that the quintuplets are under observation in incubators to ensure they don’t get any infections. He added:

“Mother and babies are doing incredible; we are so happy with how everything turned out.”

He added that IVF is bringing relief to a lot of families in Ghana but the only challenge is the high taxes on the imported drugs for the treatment. He appealed to the government to reduce the taxes on IVF drugs to make the treatment more accessible to couples in need.

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A 45 years woman gave birth to quintuplet' after 20years of barrenness. You are next on line for us to upload your testimony IN Jesus name.

Posted by Joel Rimam on Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Credit: Adomonline

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