New Study Suggests How Infertile Couples Can optimize Their Chances Of Conception

The results of a new study have established a relationship between your man’s sperm quality and his sleep habits. The study looked at sleep patterns of around 100 male volunteers who were attending fertility clinics in Denmark, 48 of whom had healthy sperm and 56 with low-quality sperm.

According to, the study which was carried out by researchers from Aarhus University, Denmark,  revealed that men who go to bed before 10.30pm were up to four times more likely to have good quality sperm compared to those who sleep later than that.

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The researchers added that men who got around eight hours a night were also more likely to have healthy sperm than those who got less than seven.

The study authors suggested that couples looking to conceive should consider limiting distractions that might keep them up at night, such as checking emails or watching television.

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