Nigerian Teacher, Simon Nongo’s Criteria For Picking A Wife Sends Tongues Wagging

Everyone has a few lists that they hope that the person whom they choose to spend their forever with fulfills or at least checks to a large degree. While it is a very personal thing to do so, one Nigerian man, Simon Nongo has left people especially women rolling their eyes when he took to social media to reveal the type of woman he would love to have in his life.

Simon’s single requirement came off as a little self-centered after he revealed via his Facebook page that he was looking for a lady who would put his own family above hers. The high school teacher also said that such a woman was the focus of his earnest prayer this month of August.

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Simon has been heavily criticized for what many people described as selfishness. Here’s what he had written;

“A lady that puts your own family first before hers is worth being with. That’s the type I need and my earnest prayer in this new month.”

See some of the reactions to his post below:


Teacher wey no get sense


Imagine your parents suffering to raise you, and then you grow up and put another family before them! I rebuke this kind of man. A sensible man will encourage you to do more for your family while he does for his!


Ladies respect your husband’s family but your kids and spouse first, followed by your own family and his family. If all happens, incase he impregnated someone outside, they will not fight for you o. Your own family will ALWAYS be there. This teacher is a drunkard, talking sh*t 


What if she is pretending ? Would you put her own family first before yours? Why can’t both families be side by side ? This MEANINGLESS PLATITUDES are characteristics of our patriarchal society . They encourage inauthenticity. They encourage fake people .


This wish is a lil selfish if you ask me.


This is basically selfishness in disguise of searching for a virtuous woman! I’m sorry not possible , the love/ care has to be equal.



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