See The Category Of Women Ex-Presidential Aide Describes As Having Multiple Identities And Why Young Men Should Avoid Them

Former presidential aide and dad-of-two, Pastor Reno Omokri has taken to his Instagram to share another of his many nuggets on marriage. The dad-of-two is not done dishing to singles how to end up with the deserving spouse. According to him, women who wear excessive makeup are just masters of disguise.

He admonished men to be careful of marrying strangers whose real face and character they do not know. He used the analogy of rain that washes away makeup and reveals an unknown face to describe a woman whose strength of character cannot weather the storm when love is tested.

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Consequently, he advised young men that they marry women who have no hidden identity, and who will not be exposed on a ‘rainy day‘.

Read his full post:

“If you walk on the street with some women and UNEXPECTED rain falls, you will be SHOCKED that 95% of their so called beauty will be washed away.

Be very careful before marrying ‘BEAUTIFUL’ women. Many of them are actually BEAUTYFOOL!

Some men are married to STRANGERS whose real FACE and CHARACTER they don’t know because


Marry a woman who will stand BOLDLY by your side when the RAINY day comes.

Not one whose real IDENTITY is EXPOSED during your RAINY day, when you need her most.”

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