Dear MIMsters: Should I Save Another Child By Telling On My Ex?

Should I save another child by telling on my ex?

My now ex-husband sexually assaulted my 13 year old niece who was living with us. Her father, my BIL beat my Ex to a pulp. To cut a long story short, he was on the ventilator for 2 months. Charges were dropped by both parties, restraining orders were issued and nobody went to jail.

This issue caused a big strain on my relationship with my sister. Although she said she’s forgiven me, I haven’t forgiven myself because I was oblivious to what was happening right under my roof.

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I have just recently heard that my ex-husband has moved to Nigeria and he is presently engaged to a single mom who has 2 preteen daughters. I do not want to sit back and watch him ruin the life of yet another child.

What he did with my niece was unworthy. He was mostly groping her and had unsightly pictures of her, naked on his phone. There was a time that he was drunk and tried to rape her when she was asleep. The neighbour heard her screaming and called the cops. She lived with us because our home was in a good school district and her parents are frequent travellers.

On the night, the last straw that broke the camel’s back happened, I didn’t even know she was home. She had called me to say she was going to be babysitting as she’s got this babysitting gig she does a few houses away, and I was to pick her up on my way home since it would be too late for her to walk home by herself. She had left me a voice message telling me that the parents of the baby cancelled and that she was home, but I didn’t get that message until later because I had to turn my phone off at work.

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Now, everyday, I resist the urge to call this new woman who my ex is with to warn her about the dangerous man she’s about to marry. I reached out to a former friend of my Ex and he said my Ex is now a changed man. He says that he has  met God and has turned a new leaf. Nevertheless, should I still tell her? I’m literally stalking the lady on social media. And if I should do so, should it be done anonymously or do I reveal my identity?

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