Dear MIMsters: Are Nurse Dorcas’ Pregnant Patients Genuine?

Has anyone heard about nurse Dorcas at Owerri, IMO State? Are her pregnant patients genuine? I was told about how this woman is helping TTC women conceive by inserting some drugs into them, and tells them when to have sex with their husbands (after confirming that the husband’s sperm is OK). I learnt that many women have given birth through this means.

 The person who gave me this information knows that I am TTC. I have been TTC for the past seven years. She told me that she also did the same and is six months pregnant. This was April last year. I waited to hear the news of her delivery three months later but it didn’t come until May this year.
Meanwhile, when I saw this woman in December when I travelled home to see her one-on-one, the only thing that changed about her was the way she walked. She’s always had a big tummy. She walked as if she had big boils on her laps. Her tummy wasn’t as big as someone heavy with a child. She carried her pregnancy for 14 months.
When I asked why it’s taking too long for her to deliver, she said that the pregnancy is called “cryptic pregnancy” that such pregnancy is not delivered in nine months.
I told my SIL about it, and she told me that her neighbor who also did the same thing a year ago is yet to deliver, and that she also walks in like manner. In fact, when I saw my SIL’s neighbor and the way she walks, I became scared.
I then decided to carry out a research on “cryptic pregnancy” and found out that such pregnancy may last up to nine years, but never saw where it is written that the foetus is developed with drugs just as I was told.
I was told that nurse Dorcas;
1. Charges 200k upwards for the actual treatment.
2. Collects 10k consultation fee for each visit.
3. Her clinic is the only place where one can go for check-up.
4. She is the only one who can prescribe drugs for her patients and administer treatment.
4. She is also the only one who can deliver her patients of their babies with a free delivery of 150k.
My husband who did the research together with me did not consent to it. I also have my own fears. But the issue here is, how long I am going to continue to wait? Going for IVF is out of question because we can not afford it. If nurse Dorcas’ method is real, I can rally round to raise the money and can also endure other things that may follow. We have done series of tests and are confirmed OK.
Is there anyone who has gone there and really become pregnant? It seems there’s something “the lady” is not telling. Her tummy was just her normal size when I saw her last December, even now that she has put to bed, the tummy is still the same size. When she announced of her delivery on Facebook, she didn’t post any picture. It was after a month-plus that she did that.
My doubt is if she was really pregnant or was it an adoption, so that I won’t have to embark on something I would regret later.
If there’s anyone who can attest to the genuineness of the nurse, I can convince my hubby so that we can also give it a try.

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