Juliet Ibrahim Has A Message For Women Hurting Fellow Women Over Men

Ghanaian star actress, Juliet Ibrahim is in the mood to preach the ‘Sister Code’ to all the sisters who care to listen as she sends a message to the ones who have a thing for hurting other women over men.

The 33-year-old divorced mom-of-one and author recently took to Instagram to share some lesson she has learnt from years of having a romantic relationship and it is about ‘not hurting a woman for the love of a man’.

Miss Ibrahim stated that if a man could hurt and abandon his ex lover, he will do the same and even worse in a new relationship.

Sharing a piece of advice with women to never ignore their intuition, the screen goddess and brand influencer added that it will be safer if women stop the blind competition with each other over a man’s affection.

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Juliet Ibrahim wrote;

”If only she had asked me why I left him. Then again, I did not ask his ex why she walked away.
The gut feeling you have about someone, even when you cannot place your finger on what it is, is important. Do not ignore your intuition.

Lessons I learnt? Over here, it is sisters over bros. Never hurt another woman for the love of a man. If he could hurt and abandon her, he will do the same, even worse to you. Women will be safer if we stop the blind competition with each other over a man’s affection.”

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