How Social Media And Familiar Spirits Are Destroying Marriages – Uncle Ebo Whyte

Seasoned Ghanaian playwright, Uncle Ebo Whyte has stated that social media is destroying lots of marriages. The days of glorious marriages and healthy love relationships are slowly getting behind us. The new world order of instant messaging is to become a permanent feature of modern life.

While speaking on the Joy Super Morning Show, the playwright shared his thoughts on the negative impacts of social media on marriages. He was asked by the host of the show Animeaa Anim-Addo; 

“You really feel Instagram and WhatsApp have destroyed a lot of marriages eeh?”

In response, the playwright cum counselor said:

“Yea, we didn’t have Instagram and WhatsApp”.

Aside social media which is a major factor causing the abrupt end of modern day relationships, Whyte shockingly revealed that there exist some familiar spirits which hate the success of relationships. With social media allowing couples to flaunt their achievement before known and unknown persons, Uncle Ebo believes couples should keep their affairs private so as to prevent such hateful familiar spirits from feasting on their happy marriages.

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