Tech-savvy Nigerian Dad Shares How Technology Has Made Parenting Even More Secure

A tech-savvy Nigerian dad took to Twitter to share really easy steps that himself and wife have employed to bridge the gap between their parenting duties and technology.

@therealdaddymo1 took to the app to tell how he set up a Gmail account for his  8-year-old daughter. He was truly impressed that Google allows him to link his own account with his daughter’s to make his parenting obligations easy to carry out nonetheless.

The cool dad said his wife had been educating their two girls on rules and etiquettes of interacting with people online and that the online security of kids is the responsibility of parents. The application, GoogleFamilylinks allows him to monitor and track the information his daughter shares online.

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He shared the fulfillment of knowing the well-being of his child even if its online, as he gets notified whenever she downloads a app on her tablet, so he can review and approve it first.

Many parents were learning of that for the first time and asked to be further educated, the proud dad happily shared tips and links.

Read the dad’s full post below:

“I just bought our 8 year old a Huawei tablet and set up her gmail account and I’m very impressed at how google has linked my account with her tablet so I can monitor and track the apps and info she shares on it. Online security is so important for our children in this day & age.

The joy on her face when she receives emails on her tablet is priceless. It just shows how contrasting perspectives are. I know the “joy in my heart” when I receive emails

I also get a notification when she’s about to download an app on her tablet and I can review it and give the go ahead or not. It’s brilliant.
I’m teaching our daughters the rules and etiquettes of interacting with people online and making sure they understand what’s appropriate and what’s not. Their mum has been having these talks with them for a long time. I can’t overestimate how important this is for their future.”

See screenshots below:

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