Triplet Who Welcomed Triplets Of Her Own Gets Candid About Her Motherhood Journey

Judit Agota Minda who is a triplet herself is sharing her journey of becoming a mom to triplets of her own.

Minda and her fiance, Glenn Undheim welcomed their own tiny trio — Filip Alexander, Amelia Helena and Henrik Mikael — on January 29.

The first time mom is a middle triplet between two sisters, Szilvia Minda and Sofia Minda-Børdal. The 31-year-old mom told GMA:

“I wish [for] my children…to find just as much happiness and joy for having each other as me and my sisters do. Always having two best friends I can count on is magical.”

”Glenn had a million thoughts in his head — about economy, if we had time enough to take care of three children at the same time and that we would never have time of our own anymore,” she recalled, adding how she feared being pregnant with multiples could also increase complications.

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My scan yesterday was nothing what I had hoped for. I had many questions and was hoping to get some answers but it did not happen. Instead I was suggested to use google and youtube where I can see how a c-section and epidural anasthesia is done. I really disliked the answer as I was hoping to be set up with an appointment where I could have asked my questions and got some anwers. . Since yesterday I have read the report the doctor wrote about the scan approximately a thousand times… Both of the boys have less amniotic fluid around them than desired. My little boy has put on much less weight and has grown way less than expected and my little girl has put on only 10 grams in the past 12 days. As I look at the detailed measurements there is almost no changes in the numbers, it is just one of the three who has developed since last time. ❓❔Has anyone experienced something like this while pregnant with multiples??❓❔ . The next scan is not before next Tuesday which I of course feel is way way way too long to wait until… not to mention that I was not explained what I can expect in case there will not be any major changes in the babies' developement… . Trying to focus on something positive… my biggest baby has grown as he was expected to and all three babies have good blood flow in their umbilical cord. . . . . #week31 #week32 #expectingtriplets #bbgtriplets #gravidmedtrillinger #triplets #trillinger #trillinggravid

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Minda said she and her partner were shocked when they learned they were expecting three babies instead of one. She added that during the first 20 weeks of her pregnancy she experienced extreme nausea and difficulty breathing.

Due to a heart condition called tachycardia, Minda also experienced high pulse. Her third trimester grew more complicated when there was a lack of blood flow in the umbilical cord of one of her children.

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Week 34 (gestational age) Yes, still pregnant! 🤷🏼‍♀️👌🏻💙💖💙 . Had a new scan today and we got some good news! . Baby A 💙 was having fun chewing on his fingers while he was busy practicing his breathing motions. The steroid shots I got last weekend still have a positive effect on the blood flow in Baby B's💖 and Baby C's💙 umbilical cord which means that despite their very little weight gain since the end of December they do not need to come out today. . 👩‍⚕️The doctor explained that gestational age can be a little more than the actual age of a fetus. In my case the babies's age -determined by ultrasound- is 33+3 days today. She told us that although my body is seemingly getting very exhausted she wishes to keep the babies in until at least 34+0weeks. . I am very ashamed to admit but I had a bigger melt down after the scan… Ever since the scan with negative results last Tuesday I have not been able to sleep, I am worried that something may happen while I am asleep. I have prepared myself for being 'operated on' today and now I feel that something I am really afraid of is hanging over me again, my throat infection isn't getting better, I get more swollen by the day, walking has become very painful and I have nothing to wear anymore as my very last pair of pants that I manage to pull up is now too covered in gel that was used for the ctg… I might seem like someone who is not greatful for the work her body is doing but I promise it is not the case!!! So I am really ashamed for my moment(s) of weakness, the fussing and being selfish today 😔😞! . 💊I was told that sleeplessness over longer period, being pregnant and fighting a flu and other infections at the same time is way too much on the body so the doctors convinced me to take a 'sleeping cocktail' tonight to get some sleep and get better sooner 😷😴🍹. . 🚫No date for the c-section yet. I'll have to stay in the hospital for the rest of the pregnancy. The babies will be scanned with ctg daily and if the results will be fine then there will be a new ultrasound scan on Monday. . . . #stillpregnant #csection #keisersnitt #pregnancyupdate #mybody #week34 #uke34 #expectingtriplets #tantrum #trillinger

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Fortunately, Minda was treated by doctors and was able to carry to 34 weeks. Minda had her babies via c-section. She was given an epidural anasthesi before the surgery which for some reason did not have the expected effect and stopped working after Filip was taken out.

After Amelia and Henrik was taken out the operation was continued under anasthesia. Therefore she did not get to meet the babies before ‘long after’ the surgery.

Minda said her infants were “tiny but mighty” and her first born, Filip, experienced some episodes of tachycardia in the first two weeks.

“No more episodes after that,” Minda said, adding that her babies learned how to eat before heading home.

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The triplets are 1 week and 1 day old today. 🏅First week of their lives – was filled with tears of joy and happiness, falling unconditionally in love and adapting to a new lifestyle of being a father to triplets 🤴🏼👸🏼🤴🏼. . . 🏅First day of the babies' second week in this world is today. Aunt Szilvia and Sofia will be visiting us today to help a bit so Judit can get some rest. She is still feverish but saying that she is better than she was. . . Since it is a day of some ♡firsts☆ I thought of sharing the video of Judit meeting the babies for the very first time after the c-section. She was given an epidural anasthesi before the surgery which for some reason did not have the expected effect and stopped working after Filip was taken out. After Amelia and Henrik was taken out the operation was continued under anasthesia. Therefore she did not get to meet the babies before 'long after' the surgery.💙👶🏼💖👶🏼💙👶🏼. . . Wishing everyone a wonderful day and thank you for all the support, love, encouragment, messages and kindness my family has recieved lately. All are much appreciated❤! Glenn . . . #daddytotriplets #premaure #trillinger #triplets #fathertotriplets #familienmin #mingjeng #minebarn #firsttime #triplets #trillinger #meetingforthefirsttimeever #myfamily #love #keisersnitt #birth #givingbirth #premie #babies #bbg #tripletmom #mommytobe #keisersnitt #surgery #anasthesi #spinalanasthesi #csection #csaszarmetszes

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During her pregnancy, Minda launched her Instagram page, triplet_with_triplets, where she connects with other moms among her 34,000 followers. She said:

“Through instagram I have been known with some amazing people and other triplet parents. I have recieved a lot of support, kind messages, recommendations and all were helping me a lot.

I also get in touch with an amazing lady, Maria @triplets_of_copenhagen whom I have received tons of help and I would like to grab the opportunity to thank her for that! The cute clothes my babies are wearing are mostly all from her!

Her and her husband’s kindness and thoughtfulness have saved us a lot of time and not at least, money not needing to buy clothes for the babies! Thank to them we are being supplied with clothes for at least the first 5 months!

Right now Glenn is in Coppenhagen, picking up the baby pram Maria and Amders were using for their trio. In the meantime I am not being without help! Both Szilvia and Sofia are here and are spending the night at our place to help me with the babies.

I even got to take a 2 hours nap and had a warm meal for the first time in 5 days and did not even spend a second in the kitchen. Instagram has been a huge help to me. And I feel it’s great that I get to help other moms in similar shoes.”

Minda candidly admits that parenthood has its ups and downs, especially when caring for three infants at once. She said:

“I love being a mom but it can get very tough. I have been thrown into the deepest point of an ocean without being [taught] to swim.

Sleep deprivation has had the toll on me and my fiance. But looking at my kids, seeing them smile makes me get up with a smile every day. I have fallen irrevocably in love with them…”

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#Postpartum 2 weeks progress As I promised myself while being pregnant I will keep on working on accepting and loving my new body. It took me over 34 weeks to cook my precious babies and my body did an amazing job (and so did Filip💙, Amelia💖 and Henrik💙). . Through my pregnancy I have heard so many sad stories where pregnancies did not go the way they were supposed to and gave great sadness to families. I am among the lucky ones and for that I'll eternally be greatful. . So.. who cares about some hanging skin? Never have I thought that I'd say and mean that I do not care about not having abs and strechy skin… but I look at Filip, kiss Amelia, cuddle Henrik and I know that having them worth anything in the world! . Let's cherish our bodies for being amazing! Let us make the world a place where all forms and shapes are appreciated and accepted and we support and appreciate one another for the beauty that is inside in each and every one of us ❤❤❤😍😍😍. . . . #thisispostpartum #postcsection #postpartum #tripletsofoslo #trillinger #ettergraviditet #postgravidkropp #kroppenmin #mybody #cherishyourbody #growingmiracles #stretchmarks #strekkmerker #ihavetriplets #progress #week36 #uke36 #omvend #backtobasics

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