Rape Victim Reveals The Devastating Effect Of The Abuse She Has To Live With And It Is Dumb-Founding

South Africa, according to research has some of the highest incidences of child and infant rape in the world. About 150 women report being raped to the police in South Africa daily. Fewer than 30 of the cases will be prosecuted, and no more than 10 will result in a conviction.

Surviving a rape is a traumatic experience that impacts its victims in so many ways, physically, psychological/mentally, and sociologically. Most of the victims are left with scars they have to live with for the rest of their lives.

Twitter user, @uMbaliBlackRose’s rape experience will forever be unforgettable. The young woman whose body was impaired when she was raped recently took to twitter to disclose the devastating effect of the abuse which she has had to live with ever since.

The South African woman said she no longer has control of her bladder due to the rape she suffered. As a result, she has to wear pads every day to avoid wetting herself. She tweeted:

“Dear rape apologist!!! Because of rape I’m unable to hold pee. I wear pads everyday of my life. Not forgetting the smell that we will forever live with.

It’s so stressful when you don’t have medical aid because most of the public facilities will put you under waiting list or tell you some sort of medicine or supplements you must be given have ran out. My lady parts stink.”

Mbali’s tweet is one of many from South African women detailing how they have and continue to suffer rape. The women are tweeting with the trending hashtag #AmINext as they condemn the increasing rate of gender-based violence in the country.

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This past weekend at a dinner party with 7 women, 5 of us revealed that we carry pepper spray in our handbags. At the end of the night everyone texted that they arrived safely at home. This is normal procedure after any night out.

To men Stop using being raised by an abusive parents to justify you abusing an killing innocent women. Get help no women should suffer cause of how you were raised an if you used this to defend yourself just know you no different from rapists and killers.

Am I next? Are one of my family members next? Are one of my friends next? Are one of my colleagues? Are one of my acquaintances next? Are one of my students next? Are one of my passerby’s next? The terrifying reality is that someone is next, we just don’t know who

Some of our parents are married today because our fathers wouldn’t stop harassing our mothers. Our mothers gave in because being unhappy and pretending was better than being killed. Some of our fathers have raped our mothers and celebrated it with baby showers.

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